Thursday, September 22, 2016

Interview with Don Kerr

"The person, not the persona". 

Canadian Writer, Don Kerr, asked me for an interview to learn about the private person Aurorasa. If, and only if, you want to learn more about me, you can read the interview here.

About Don Kerr

A brand creation, development, and marketing communication consultant with 30-years of relevant experience to creating powerful connections between corporations and their customers. His work is founded upon establishing a compelling emotional connection between a brand and its stakeholders revolving around three principles of effective brand expression: Clarity. Simplicity. Wit.

Leading branding efforts include organizations such as Wal-Mart, Ch√Ęteau des Charmes, Kraft, Pep Boys Auto, McDonald’s and Disney.

He is also the creator of the Brand Clarity™ workshop and has been a brand leader for companies in North America, the UK, South America, and Asia. 

A copywriter by craft, he also creates effective written communication for clients in all media including advertising, packaging, social media, and web. 

Clients on this front include Tim Horton’s, Fuji Film, Astro Yogurt, General Electric and Irving Paper. He was also instrumental in introducing the first-known use of QR coding on alcohol packaging in North America.

I recommend you check out his other work, he is a gifted writer and touches some delicate issues.

Please consider supporting the crowdfunding campaign for his new book.

Twitter @dkridingshotgun

Monday, September 19, 2016

100 Day Challenge Review Ryan Blair

100 Day Challenge Review Ryan Blair

My 100 day challenge review

What is 100-day challenge

The 100-day challenge is a universal goal achievement program. It is used by individuals and companies alike. It can help an individual to achieve their life goals, but it can also help a sales team to reach their sales goals.

I will have to warn regular readers of my blog that this program is not a walk in the park. This challenge is serious. That is what I like about it. Ryan Blair is on the market for over 20 years. He is working with celebrities, small businesses as well as corporations and through his digital programs also individuals. 

The program, as well as Ryan and his staff, offer a high level of professionalism.

The 100-day challenge requires you to put a little bit of time away each day for 100 days. After some initial prep work, you will receive a video every day. There will be tasks there will be support there will be tough love, and you will be able to use a proven methodology to your advantage.

You will have to do your tasks every day for 100 days. You are accountable. You will have to be disciplined. You will achieve your goals.

Who is this for?

It is hard to say because every one of us has goals they want to achieve. As I have mentioned this is not a "lovey lovey" program and you have to be coachable. Over 400,000 people have attended this training including staff from corporations like IBM Xerox and many others.

I would probably not recommend this program if your goal is to fix a relationship. It will be perfect for anything business related, also if you are, for instance, looking for a job.

Keep in mind that the best tools create the best players. This is for everyone who is serious about reaching a goal. It will also help those who have failed at goal achievement in the past.

Some customers have used the program to get rid of excess weight while another one has climbed Mount Everest. Sales teams have been able to achieve their goals. Business owners used it to make their businesses thrive.


  • proven system
  • used by over 400,000 people
  • over 20 years of experience
  • daily coaching, daily tasks
  • dedicated support
  • high level of professionalism
  • the free manifesto provides more value than other paid programs

  • you will have to put in the time
  • you have to enter the program at certain dates (possible four times per year)


The 100-day challenge is for people as well as the businesses. It requires more time than some other programs, but it also delivers better results.

That the duration of the program is 100 days, shows that Ryan Blair understands the amount of time that it takes to retrain your brain and implement new habits. Everyone who tells you that you can achieve great success within a few days either doesn't have a lot of knowledge about how the brain works or is lying to you.

The program is relatively tough which is something that I like. It is the closest to a personal trainer you can get.

I endorse this program, and I suggest you give it a try. In addition to that, a free goal achievement manifesto is available for free download.

Get it here

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Differences Between Changemaker and Troublemaker

Are you Change Maker or Troublemaker?

When Jim learned that the drinking water in his town is polluted for quite some time, he had every right to be angry. After all, he used the water to shower, cook coffee and most importantly to nourish his children.

The authorities did not share information about the degree of the contamination and which pollutants were found in the town´s drinking water.

His worry for the safety of his family and his anger that he did not get the information he so rightfully demanded, made Jim infuriated. I guess we can all sympathize with Jim and would have been angry too.

And the feeling of being helpless added to his anger. No matter how many times he called, he never seemed to be to be able to talk to the person in charge.

The problem concerned every person in the town so that they implemented a special phone number and hired agents to answer the enormous amount of calls from angry citizens. The agents had no authority whatsoever and certainly no detailed information about the degree of the problem.

In his last frustrating call, Jim got so angry that he started threatening the call center agent. It was not like Jim, but he told her that she should be careful because something might happen that would endanger the health of her family.

All of the calls get recorded, and the call center agent went to the police and filed a complaint. Jim had to pay a pretty high penalty and in addition to that, he was in deep trouble with his wife. Only when his wife told Jim that she would rather drink a whole cup of the toxic water than being married to a jerk did Jim come to his senses.

Jim started an action group and called it "transparency." The work group was soon able to get a court order that required the authorities to give them detailed information about the water quality and the pollutants the citizens had consumed.

Jim received a lot of appreciation from other citizens for leading the movement that influenced the speed of change. The group then continued to suggest actions to enhance the water quality and make sure of the safety of all citizens.

From troublemaker to changemaker

It happens to the best of us that sometimes we attack the bearer of bad news, rather than the source of the problem. Depending on the nature of the issue the source might be difficult to reach or persuade. Sometimes even impossible. That can make us impatient, and we could forget that we mean well and are uplifting, non-violent people.

We might engage in toxic behavior.

There are three problems with that:
  • we distract people's attention from the original problem
  • we behave hostile and hurtful towards people who neither have the authority to influence the change we are looking for nor have they created the problem
  • when we become aggressors, we will likely be seen as part of the problem, potentially the bigger one
It´s easy to get emotional about topics we consider important and "truth." The harder it is to influence the desired change, the easier is gets to occasional slip into a behavior that collides with who we are and what we want to achieve, especially when the "nobody cares" feeling kicks in. 

In my opinion, PETA is a good example of this. I 100 % agree and support their important mission but occasional the wording and actions throw me off a little bit

“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.” - Friedrich Nietzsche

We see it on LinkedIn

A great example for the right message gone wrong is LinkedIn. I don't go to LinkedIn to solve math puzzles or share cat pictures. But many people do, and I tolerate that. Meanwhile, there are as many people posting trivial content as there are people attacking it. A third group is attacking people who do either.

Not only is it counterproductive because it helps to spread the trivial post. LinkedIn's algorithm rewards engagement. It does not differentiate between negative and positive engagement. What makes it even more absurd is that disconnecting from people or hiding their posts costs a simple mouse click. 

A scream for professionalism is most effective from people who act in a professional way, and not anti-social. 

Some people go even further and would like to ban certain professions from the site altogether (for instance the topic you and I connect through, Empowerment). I am not sure if they consider how attacking the post of a plumber that is trying to promote his service makes that person feel. 

I am sure though who will be perceived as the problem, or even a bully. Influencing change from the position of a "bully" is certainly harder. 

If I am unhappy with a system of a site like LinkedIn there are three ways to deal with it that will not make people mad: 
  • I can try to change it
  • I can remove myself 
  • I can accept it
It seems like such a silly example, yet it is a good one as it stirs up so much emotion that it´s not an uncommon place to see a changemaker turn into a troublemaker. 

Refugee "crisis."

This blog is not a political blog and will never be one. But each and every one of my readers also knows that I believe in humanity and treating people respectfully. I am not just a teacher of mindfulness but also a life long student. I make mistakes too.

Generally, I stick to the rule of attacking the sources of problems and not innocent people. Being hurtful and toxic is never okay in my book and before you know it you are the one in the wrong.

Please understand my statement from a humanitarian and pragmatic point of view.

It is every citizen's rights to be concerned about changes that seem to endanger their culture. It is also every human's right to look out for his safety and the safety of his family.

Attacking a person that executes his right to make sure of his survival and the survival of his family will most certainly only change people´s perception of us - not create change or constructive discussion.

Those are just two obvious examples you and I see every day. Examples where I wished people would show a bit more empathy before they decide on appropriate actions to reach their goal.

Creating change

The "how to create change" question can probably never be answered in a universal statement. It´s dependent on too many factors. But here are some general thoughts on how to wrap an idea in a non-toxic way: 
  • To create change we have to modify the source of a problem
  • Becoming an aggressor can distract from our intention and message
  • Generalizing can lead to hurting people we are potentially not aiming at
  • Whenever we are a part of a diverse community or society, empathy and tolerance go a long way when attempting to influence change
  • Having realistic expectation regarding the time, measures and traction needed to influence change can help with frustration


We could reflect from time to time to make sure that our behavior is still in line with our intention and goal. 

Changemakers chose constructive approaches while troublemakers most of the time do not help a solution. 

Each of our actions creates crimps through a matrix of causality that we cannot see at first. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

NeuroGym 5th annual Live Brain-A-Thon

Winning the Game of Money 2017 LIVE

Brain-A-Thon Winning the Game of Money


For the 5th time NeuroGym´s fabulous and meanwhile famous Brain-A-Thon is taking place on

November 5th, 2016

As a reader of my blog, member of the AC community, or client, you have probably attended a Brain-A-Thon and experienced the incredible amount of knowledge and empowerment you gain from it. 

I will send you a reminder if you are on my newsletter-list. But I do recommend that you mark the date in your calendar right away. 

The time is not yet fixed. The event is scheduled for 6 hours, depending on your timezone you should reserve 8 am - 6 pm. The safest thing to do (because I am forgetful at times): Sign up for the 2016 replay and be sure to receive the latest news HERE

I consider this the most important self-help and success event of the year, and the value and knowledge transfer from this free event is unmatched. 

If you have not yet heard about NeuroGym´s Winning the Game of Money, make sure you check out the links below. 

As I said, the list of experts for the 2017 even is off chart. But decide for yourself: 

NeuroGym Brain-A-Thon 2017

1. Dr. Srini Pillay- Harvard Professor - Specializing in overcoming self-doubt, fear, stress and anxiety about money and life.

2. Mark Waldman- World Class Brain Researcher- Specializing in letting go of limiting beliefs, negative emotions and bad habits.

3. Sharon Pearson- Overcoming life’s trauma’s expert- Letting go of the past and focusing on the now and future.

4. Dr. Evian Gordon- Leading Behavioral Neuroscientist – Recognizing and releasing the negative mental focus and disempowering emotions.

5. Dr. Daniel Friedland- Integrative Health Brain Expert- Turning your Money stress into your financial success.

6. Larry King- World’s Greatest Interviewer – No explanation needed

I guess you can tell that I am really excited. See you there? 


Thursday, September 1, 2016

Infographic 10 Minutes Mindfulness

Implement mindfulness into your everyday life

Sometimes our busy schedules leave us with not much time to spare. Try these simple mindfulness exercises that only cost you a few minutes of your time extra.

Infographic Mindfulness