Thursday, May 28, 2015

Impact your financial future in 10 days - Announcement

start your successful online business, unleash an avalanche of success

What is "Impact your financial future in 10 days" 

The next big thing! Available March 1st, 2016

The first COMPLETE and AFFORDABLE solution to start your successful online business. 

Unleash an avalanche of success!


  • Mindset Coaching / Brain re-training
  • Personal Coaching
  • All the tools you need to start, control, manage and grow your business
  • Ongoing Email support for technical and sales related questions
  • Hosted Websites, technical support, classes, SEO
  • Mobile site

  • Upsell scam
  • Fine print surprises
  • Broken promises
  • Hidden costs

How is Impact your financial future in 10 days better?

No solution available today covers all aspects of starting a successful online business. Current solutions either focus on the sales-/mind-training part or the technical part.

No other solution contains the OPTIMAL combination of free and paid tools, personalized and static training and ongoing support.

We have only one thing in mind: Maximising your ROI and ROT and making the largest possible impact with the smallest possible investment.

There is only one thing that current solutions have in common: They become really expensive really fast.

Time is money, Knowledge is Power!

Time is a resource that cannot be cloned - but it can be spent wisely.

Your small investment for "Impact your financial future in 10 days" will provide you with a full, complete set of all the tools and methods you need for fast and lasting success.

  • We have put together for you the only available  complete tool- and method set, making sure you get the best ROT (return on time). 
  • You will not fail because you know how to create a website, but your mind is not set up for success
  • You will not have to waste your time trying to figure out which tools and vendors you need.
  • Only an integrated approach that combines both, success coaching, and technical components will lead to fast results.

Impact your financial future in 10 days GOLD and SILVER

Business on a Budget (SILVER)
One time cost of $299

EgoCentric (GOLD)
One-time cost of $ 499

That sounds too good to be true!

Most of the time when it sounds too good to be true it just is not true or comes with a catch.

On rare occasions, something that sounds too good to be true just is true. Then it is

The next big thing!