Monday, May 18, 2015

Natural Remedy for Bladder Infection Bearberry - Guest Blog

Bearberry, natural antibiotic remedy for bladder infection 

Just released: Guest blog on Health and Healing with herbs. 

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To learn how you can use bearberry as a natural antibiotic and a natural cure for bladder infections, infections of the urinary tract and even renal pelvis infections.

natural remedy for bladder infection, natural antibiotic

Since 1994, Jean, the founder of is studying alternative remedies and herbs.

After being sick at a young age, Jean discovered the benefits of alternative healing methods and herbology in specific. Since then, she started growing her own herbs and made sharing her knowledge and results of her research her mission.

The site not only provides valuable information on herbs and healing but also offers a herb store, where you can purchase the freshest herbs, even those that are hard to find.

You will find tips on how to grow, harvest and use herbs as well as product reviews, book reviews and even tips for natural pet medicine. 

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