Friday, May 8, 2015

Review Mindvalley, Christie Marie Sheldon

Review of “The Worlds Largest Live Energy Clearing Event”

Review Christie Sheldon, Mindvalley, John Assaraf ReviewThe event is a one hour Webinar. Christie Marie Sheldon offers it via her website as well as in April 2015 via Mindvalley. Mindvalley with headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is a very well respected, award winning training academy, focusing mainly on spiritual topics.

The Clearing Session is priced at USD 95,-

Christie Sheldon has received many raving testimonials and reviews. You can see them on her website.

Features at a Glance:

  • 1 Hour Audio Livecast
  • 10 minutes preparation video
  • Claims
Review Mindvalley Christie Marie Sheldon

Review Christie Marie Sheldon


  • inexpensive
  • replay available


  • not suitable for business people
  • very shallow
  • does not live up to the claim
  • no video stream provided


It seems that my experience and opinion differs very much from the many raving reviews.

Going into the event I was extremely positive and expected a lot of benefits. Actually, I looked forward to it for days.
The first 20 minutes can be described as stalling. Casual small talk. A few questions for the audience. The host was talking a lot about herself. While that might be interesting it should be only a very small part of an event that is only scheduled for 60 minutes.
The information provided was very shallow. Generally, repetition (the mother of learning and skills) is a good thing but I heard nothing I could not get from my “365 days of inspiring quotes” kitchen calendar.
None of the goals of the event (see pictures above) has been achieved. I am not a big fan of too many false claims. There is a difference between marketing and false claims. I also doubt that this was “the biggest live energy cleaning event”.
This event might be suited for people who have never read a book or attended an event on “the law of attraction” or similar topics and just want to hang out an hour with some nice and friendly people.
Immediately after the event you will receive an aggressive amount of marketing emails (obviously, you can opt out at any time).
I have thought about positive things to say about this event for quite a while because I dislike posting a bad review.
But I did not find anything positive.
The worst part was the voice of the host. The voice sounds very fake. Throughout the event, the host laughed maniacally.
I have had the honor to attend many training, seminars, webinars and all sorts of growth events. I would not see who could benefit from this event or who would be able to focus or visualize when his concentration is constantly broken by manic laughter. Even for free I would not recommend it.
It was a feel well event at the most. I did not feel well though, the constant manic laughter was unbearable. Why would you even laugh throughout an event that is not standup comedy?
I consider this event a teaser to collect email addresses and this is a fair approach. But it only makes sense if you deliver benefits in the teaser.

I do recommend to you the free live event of John Assaraf, Winning the Game of Money.
It provides all of the benefits that this event claims and many, many more. Opposite to this event, it is suitable for everyone, from yoga teacher to CEO. And you save 100 bucks on the way. 
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