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Why coconut oil is your go to beauty product and universal medicine

Holistic Nutrition Consultant, coconut oil

Why coconut oil is your go-to beauty product and universal medicine

As a Holistic Nutrition Consultant, I am often amused. Every week another food is being praised as the "new super food". Most of the time the "super food" does not live up to the over the top marketing praise.
The best way to get real facts is to consult with trustworthy holistic nutritionists like myself or to rely on extensive and nonbiased long-term studies. Many famous doctors that the super food marketers are praising the world has never heard off. 

Often, the oldest and simplest products are the best. Coconut oil provides a shining example of this. Coconut has so many features and uses that you could easily fill two books with it. I have picked out some interesting facts and tips. 

Organic, raw coconut oil has been proven to ease uncountable minor and major diseases. Also, it has significant benefits in beauty applications. This applies only to raw, unrefined coconut oil. 

Which ingredients make coconut oil so useful?

Lauric Acid

Lauric acid can destroy bacteria and viruses by penetrating their lip membranes. Lauric acid supports our immune system and aids the body in eliminating bacteria and viruses. 

Vitamins, minerals, trace elements

Many people Coconut oil balances out nutrient deficiencies caused by eating the wrong foods. Coconut oil balances many of this deficiencies out. 

Amino Acids

The body cannot produce amino acids. Many athletes use supplements because most of our foods does not contain enough amino acids. Amino acids are a major performance enhancer. Coconut oil contains a significant amount of amino acids. 


Scientific studies have proven that antioxidants have a major role in fighting diseases, i. e. cancer. Most of us are lacking the healthy amount of antioxidants. Coconut oil helps us to replenish them.

Here are some of the diagnoses and uses where coconut oil can be beneficial:

Coconut oil for weight loss

Every week or even day new powders, pills, training programs and other products are being thrown on the market with only one purpose, making profits. 

Most of this products do not result in a permanent weight loss; often they are even health hazards. Coconut oil contains ketone, a natural substance that aids the body in losing weight. Ketone influenced the catabolism of fat. The weight loss achieved with coconut oil is long term, more prosperous and healthy. 

I will never understand why people buy an overpriced bottle of ketone pills with added artificial crap (sorry!) when they can just use fresh coconut oil and consume it the healthy way. If convenience comes at the price of taking in unhealthy artificial substances, it will become very inconvenient in the long-term. 

Holistic Nutrition Consultant, benefits of coconut oil

Coconut oil for diseases


In our western world, the number of Alzheimer and dementia patients is rapidly growing. In countries where coconut oil is used for cooking the number of Alzheimer and dementia diagnoses is significantly lower. Coconut oil not only fights the symptoms, it also slows down the course of the disease. 


Sadly, still the number one cause of deaths. Coconut plays a big role in the prevention of cancer. Independent studies have shown that coconut oil increases the number of antioxidant enzymes significantly. These enzymes repress the growth and formation of cancer cells. 


Coconut oil aids in the prevention of diabetes (type 1 and 2). Regular intake of coconut oil can help prevent diabetes. Also, remission can be achieved with chronic illness. The antioxidative, antibacterial and antifungal fatty acids are effective in helping to prevent and mitigate. 

Cosmetic use and minor disorders

Coconut oil is ideal for any kind of skin treatment or cure. It softens rough skin (use it on lips, body, face). 

Also, any condition that is caused by inflammation can be addressed with coconut oil. 
You might be surprised that coconut even works magic for fatty skin, enlarged pores, pimples. Bacteria and germs are being eliminated. 

There is no risk of overdosing or side effects whatsoever. 

It even has a positive effect on wrinkles as well as in cases of psoriasis. 

Cellulitis? Coconut oil has a tightening effect and helps the body to transport fat and water out of the enlarged cells that cause this feared problem. 

Oil pulling.. This healthy treatment is going to be a subject of a separate post. 

Coconut oil fights the bacteria responsible for the genesis of warts

Herpes, cavities, lice, fleas, ticks, mosquitos, mites, fungus - only to name a few. As I mentioned, the uses of coconut oil could fill two thick books. 

Two more for the Ladies: 
Have you been trying everything to grow healthy, natural nails? And nothing worked? Here is the cure. Massage coconut oil into your cuticles once a day. 

Do you want to have healthy, shiny, thick hair? Is your hair breaking, split ends or do you even suffer from hair loss? Coconut oil will rejuvenate your hair. 

But, wait, do not keep it all for yourself. Coconut oil is also very useful for animals. It fights parasites and as mentioned earlier for humans: lice, fleas, ticks. Your beloved pet will also get shiny, healthy fur. 

I am not saying that pets necessarily enjoy rubs with fatty oil. But, hey, that is your job. 

I nearly forgot to mention that coconut is excellent for cooking. Even when heated to high temperatures it does not set free any toxins. It is the ideal and healthy choice for cooking at high temperatures. 
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