Friday, July 31, 2015

6-Figure Teleseminar and Webinar System Review

Review of Lisa Sasevich´s 6-figure system 

Lisa Sasevich Sassy MastermindsI recently came across a presentation of Lisa Sasevich. She states that she is "The Queen of Sales Closing."

That is a pretty confident statement, right?  I decided to have a close look at the program.

Her story reads like the American Dream. After being fired from her job she started to work from home and became a multi millionaire. She took the next step to achieving her dream and now teaches others how to achieve theirs goals and dreams.

I was skeptical, assuming it is another product sales system. After attending the event and purchasing the system I learned that it applies to people who want to promote their services just the same.

6 Figure Teleseminar and Webinar Sales System Lisa Sasevich

What is the 6 Figure Sales System?

Marketing is an art of persuasion, and while you may be able to wax lyrical on just about anything, simply put, that isn't marketing. Effective marketing means that you can woo the customer with minimal effort, and is the holy grail of marketing.

Unfortunately, most marketers focus on the product and tell the consumer about its features, thus making their biggest mistakes. While it is important for the consumer to know about the product, knowledge doesn't sell it. You may have observed this yourselves when you attract a large audience towards your marketing campaigns, but very few conversions.

You don't need to try to bring in more and more people. What you need to do is to up your conversion rate, and by the simple uptick of this metric, you would see impressive sales. For that you need to convince your consumer about the merits of your product and how it is better than anything else on the market.

Many programs exist that claim to teach you the best marketing tactics in the industry, but most are elaborate hoaxes that ironically aren't associated with marketing tactics after the first step: Selling you the program itself.

I found the Lisa Sasevich 6-figure program and decided to test it out. It is a marketing program by Lisa Sasevich, a successful marketer who has successfully launched several products with her marketing tactics. With years of experience, she wills to share her experience with this program.

All of Lisa´s programs come with a free webinar, live event or document to give you a chance to properly evaluate the quality of her programs. But who needs the 6-figure Teleseminar and Webinar Sales System?

Who needs the 6-figure Sales System?

If one or more of the this statements apply to you, you might want to have a closer look at this program: 

  • You get raving reviews on your speeches, social media work etc but your Sales Conversion rate is low. 
  • You feel your approach is too salesy or unnatural and not suited to win customers over
  • You put your great work into a book that is now sitting on or a website for 29 dollars or 99 $ and you do not know how to monetize on your hard work
  • Everyone tells you that you need to have a large list to make money. But nobody teaches you how to effectively grow one. Especially not how to get a list quick and inexpensive
  • Your business currently is a 1:1 model. Meaning you coach people directly. But you are looking for ways to make more money and/or work less
  • You have or want to create a great product or service to offer and the world doesn´t care - you are the best kept secret in your industry

What will you learn from the 6-figure system?

You will learn:

  • How to translate your product or service into money-making teleseminars and webinars
  • How to win affiliates who will promote your products
  • How to build a list (this system works if you do not have as much as one contact in your list right now)
  • How to "sell" by providing value and not by being pushy
  • How to use Facebook ads and other inexpensive forms of marketing

It seems too good to be true. Can I really be doing effective marketing with just a computer and a phone?

Well, Lisa convinced me that I can. Instead of relying upon arcane tactics like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social-marketing, Lisa sent me back to a tool that has been the staple of every marketer's toolkit for ages: Telemarketing. She combines this with a more modern tool (Webinars), resulting in a truly efficient marketing campaign that both attracts eyeballs and more importantly, also sells products.

Her sales secrets really gave me some valuable marketing knowledge. Here's a small snippet, a sign of the things you get with her program: If you sell after your webinar or call, instead of trying to push your product right then and there, your product would sell more.

I also found out that some of the marketing tactics I have been using for the past few years are completely wrong, and approach the consumer from the wrong side. Indeed, I learnt that the consumers should be the focus, and the product should be an afterthought. I know it seems a bit odd, but trust me in this. The key is to identify the right consumer, their needs and then marketing your product to them based on their needs. This is a surefire way of selling products, and a testament to this is the fact that sales of my test product have improved after applying her tactics to my campaigns.

What is included in the 6 Figure system?

  • The full set of videos, transcripts, audio, worksheets and extras.
  • 5 Q&A calls with Lisa for implementation and strategy (plus access to all of the recordings and transcripts of the calls).
  • Automated Launch Timeline Generator (a tool that enables you to automate the process of creating a project for you, including outlining which emails to send on which day).
  • Immediate access to the Advance Communication Training (a bonus added that teaches you how to word your company mission and mission statements).
  • Access to the Pre-Bootcamp training "Discover your unique branded system". A training that teaches you how to communicate the benefit of your offer without being salesy. 
  • A free ticket to a LIVE Speak-to-Sell event (those tickets sell at $3000).
Invisible Close Lisa Sasevich


  • Inexpensive in relation to the massive value.
  • Combination of both, digital self-paced learning and personal coaching (live calls)
  • Downloads are yours to keep.
  • Proven techniques that have worked for thousands
  • Impressive customer list
  • Raving reviews from both, the media and customers
  • Extensive extras added 
  • Payment plan available
  • Very generous conditions on order cancellations. You have time until the second live call (like 60 days) to return the product if you are not 100 % satisfied
  • Outstanding support provided by real people in a timely manner


  • Only available as digital version for download.
  • Only available in English language.


This system delivers on the money. It over exceeded my expectations by far.

Anyone will be able to establish a 6-figure business working from home. The techniques taught are suited to allow growing a high-converting list in a very short amount of time.

The after-sale is incredible and personal and we all know that this is not the case with most vendors.

You will learn how to create an amazing info-product in no time and how to monetize on it.

There are no hidden "but´s" or follow up costs. You really only need your computer and your phone to make it work.

Since I have purchased the program I have noticed that the other webinars I consider to be "the best" have been created using this program. One of the famous customers you probably read about in my Blog is John Assaraf. Even Brian Tracy is a customer. Who would not want to deliver a product of THAT quality?

How to get the system

You missed the live-event but currently the replay is still available. Sign-up to watch it HERE

Free eBook HERE