Thursday, July 2, 2015

Chopra Center Meditation and The Quest

Review Of The Quest And An Introduction To The Chopra Center

Chopra Center MeditationNo matter at which stage of your life you are, we all face difficult life challenges. What makes the difference is how you handle those challenges. How we respond to stress affects our quality of life and longevity.

Many of us are taught to deal with our problems rational and intellectually. We are resolved to figure it out. Most of us will scrutinize, analyze, and agonize, and worry about things and circumstances that are beyond our control.

I would like to introduce you to the Chopra Center and review a wonderful program that is called The Quest.

While most programs I attend and review are very much business oriented this one has a strong spiritual component.

Deepak Chopra is known most of all for his books. With the game Leela, he even made it to my XBox.

But did you know that the Chopra Center also offers online training?

The Chopra Center

The center was founded by Deepak Chopra and David Simon. It is located on the grounds of La Costa Resort & Spa in Southern California. It is surrounded by fresh coastal breezes, warmth, and the sunshine.

It serves as a nurturing, beautiful place where people come to heal physical pain, empower themselves, connect to their innermost spiritual life, and find emotional freedom.

You can attend a variety of programs, mind-body healing classes, and Ayurvedic massages. All of this is offered in a compassionate, loving environment.

The Chopra Center offers online courses including:

  • Healing the Heart
  • Journey Into Healing
  • Meditation Weekend
  • Perfect Health
  • Rest and Restore
  • Seduction of Spirit
  • Silent Awakenings
  • Spiritual Solutions
  • Weekend Within
  • Weekend With The Masters

The Quest

The Quest is a five-week program with Martha Beck and Deepak Chopra that is designed to help you discover the best and most effective way to solve problems and live life fully. At the beginning of this article, I mentioned that we all deal with life challenges. We worry about what might or might not happen in the future.
The Quest Chopra Center

We cope with these by concentrating on doing more and trying harder. This exhausts us in the process. Or another way that people deal with these difficult challenges is to withdraw as we become more frustrated and have a sense of hopelessness.

For that reason Deepak Chopra, MD., a renowned expert on body-mind medicine and life coach Martha Beck, Ph.D., created The Quest: Spiritual Solutions to Creating a Life You Love. This program offers an extremely different and effective approach to solving these problems, so you can dissolve them at last.

The Quest is a 5-week journey that is online, that helps you discover the problem solver in all of us. You might want to invest in this course if you are feeling powerless and frustrated or think you are unclear about what you need to do about problems when it comes to relationships, health and money.

In The Quest you will discover:

  • How to become aware of your purpose and how to build the life that you love
  • How to become aware that your problems are not random and they are there because of a larger purpose is attempting to unfold through you
  • How to face problems of any size and nature with unshakeable confidence and enthusiasm

The week by week course includes these 5 sessions:

What is a spiritual solution? This session helps you experience less confusion and fear, gain clarity and confidence, encourages your freedom from painful struggles with your critical self, and helps you ground yourself in the truth of a peaceful existence you were meant to lead.

Loving Relationships - This session is centered on approaching relationships from a peaceful place, expressing yourself, helping to let go of dysfunctional patterns, discovering the beauty of true self.

Radiant Health And Wellbeing - The third session will help you discover five pillars of health to help grow your life, dial into your body’s wisdom to help reduce pain, fear, and discomfort, eliminate unhealthy habits, and manage your emotions easily.

True Success - This session helps you to move past limiting beliefs about yourself, realize what you want to create in your life, and how to open the flow of creativity, joy, abundance, love, and compassion.

Unbounded Personal Growth - This last lesson will introduce you to your future self who doesn’t make mistakes and has all the answers to life’s problems. It will help you become connected to your infinite, true nature, feel a sense of peace, gain inspiration to continue on your journey in love, light, pure awareness, and peace.

My Verdict

As you can see, the Chopra Center is a place of healing and spiritual growth. It is run by leading experts in this field in a loving, caring environment. Whether you’re just visiting the center or attending one of their programs, you will be enlightened to take action in your life.

The Quest is an online program that I highly recommend for anyone that needs healing and wants to live their true self. If you are struggling with life challenges and need help to overcome and handle these in an effective manner, you will want to sign up for The Quest.

Currently, this class is not being offered.

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