Sunday, May 31, 2015

Winning the Game of Fear Brain-A-Thon Review

John Assaraf Brainathon, Winning the Game of Fear

What is Neurogym's Winning the Game of Fear?

Winning the Game of Fear is a multi-component brain re-train system. It has been developed by John Assaraf, NeuroGym and enables you to:

  • Learn how fear works
  • Recognize deep rooted hidden fear
  • Overcome fear and doubt hidden in your subconscious mind
  • Eliminate success blockers by releasing self-doubts
  • Achieve your life- and career goals easily
  • Reduce your stress level
  • Deal with post traumata
  • Deal with stress addiction as well as burnout syndromes
  • Grow self-esteem and confidence to quickly achieve your goals

The program features brain re-train experts like John Assaraf, Dr. George Pratt, Mark Waldman, Dr. Heidi Hanna and Dr. Joan Rosenberg. 

The program costs nearly $ 600. While you cannot even put a price onto personal growth read below about how you can get the same benefit at a lower price.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Having it all, John Assaraf, NeuroGym - Review

A Review Of John Assaraf’s Having It All

Do you ever wonder why some people have it all, while others struggle so hard just to make ends meet? I find this an intriguing question and found a program called

Having It All by John Assaraf, Neurogym

Friday, May 29, 2015

Forex Trading Candlestick Patterns Review, Chris Coney

Honest Review Of Forex Brain Trainer Candlestick Patterns 

Are you tired of your old ways or seeking opportunities? Are you looking for new ways to make better decisions? Are you starting to think the whole trading thing is just a waste of time?

There is a lot of software out there claiming to be able to boost your trading results. Most do not deliver. The software is outdated as soon as it hits the market.

Here is a fresh approach to training your brain and learn how to use candlestick patterns to your advantage. 

The piece of technology, you will be using to up your trading game is your brain. Rather than trying to make decisions for you will learn to apply patterns to make better decisions of your own. 

While there is no such thing as a 100 % bullet-proof approach to trading, I found a legit and helpful system for you that does not make false claims and is pretty much BS free. 

Today, I’m going to review a product called Candlestick Patterns-Forex Brain Trainer and provide you my honest opinion on it. 

forex trading candlestick patterns review chris coney

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Impact your financial future in 10 days - Announcement

start your successful online business, unleash an avalanche of success

What is "Impact your financial future in 10 days" 

The next big thing! Available March 1st, 2016

The first COMPLETE and AFFORDABLE solution to start your successful online business. 

Unleash an avalanche of success!


  • Mindset Coaching / Brain re-training
  • Personal Coaching
  • All the tools you need to start, control, manage and grow your business
  • Ongoing Email support for technical and sales related questions
  • Hosted Websites, technical support, classes, SEO
  • Mobile site

  • Upsell scam
  • Fine print surprises
  • Broken promises
  • Hidden costs

How is Impact your financial future in 10 days better?

No solution available today covers all aspects of starting a successful online business. Current solutions either focus on the sales-/mind-training part or the technical part.

No other solution contains the OPTIMAL combination of free and paid tools, personalized and static training and ongoing support.

We have only one thing in mind: Maximising your ROI and ROT and making the largest possible impact with the smallest possible investment.

There is only one thing that current solutions have in common: They become really expensive really fast.

Time is money, Knowledge is Power!

Time is a resource that cannot be cloned - but it can be spent wisely.

Your small investment for "Impact your financial future in 10 days" will provide you with a full, complete set of all the tools and methods you need for fast and lasting success.

  • We have put together for you the only available  complete tool- and method set, making sure you get the best ROT (return on time). 
  • You will not fail because you know how to create a website, but your mind is not set up for success
  • You will not have to waste your time trying to figure out which tools and vendors you need.
  • Only an integrated approach that combines both, success coaching, and technical components will lead to fast results.

Impact your financial future in 10 days GOLD and SILVER

Business on a Budget (SILVER)
One time cost of $299

EgoCentric (GOLD)
One-time cost of $ 499

That sounds too good to be true!

Most of the time when it sounds too good to be true it just is not true or comes with a catch.

On rare occasions, something that sounds too good to be true just is true. Then it is

The next big thing!

Painful facts - Dangers of MSG's

The Dangers Of MSG’s 

The dangers of MSG's are still being underestimated. MSG or mono sodium glutamate is often used in canned vegetables, soups, Chinese food, and processed meats as a flavor enhancer. 

Dangers of MSG, fda, msg's

It has been the under much scrutiny lately as people are fearing the dangers of MSG’s and the health concerns related to the consumption of this flavor enhancer. 

The FDA (Food And Drug Administration) considers MSG as a generally safe food ingredient. However, this still remains as controversial. Because it is still controversial, the FDA does require it to be listed on food labels. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What is John Assaraf's NeuroGym?

NeuroGym Reviews

NeuroGym is a brain retraining university.

  • It is designed to assist people in achieving emotional and mental mastery. 
  • It incorporates optimal research in neuroscience to achieve these. 
  • It uses proven methods and modern technologies it helps improve mental fitness.
  • It allows people to achieve things that they previously thought out of reach.

John Assaraf, a leading brain scientist, founded the company in 2011. It is driven by a board of advisor that include psychologists, researchers, and neuroscientist.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Winning the Game of Weight Loss Brainathon UPDATE

UPDATE June 9th, 2015

It is finally here:

John Assaraf´s next big thing arrived!

Reserve your spot in the first live event here: I WANT IN

Read more HERE

Winning the Game of Weight Loss, NeuroGym

I am happy to share with you that the release date is approaching. You might be even able to sense my positive excitement through this post.

The next big thing - retrain your brain and finally get the body you want. You all know how proud I am of the partnership of Aurorasa Coaching and NeuroGym. Every new program is an even bigger next thing.

John Assaraf is one of few people who became rich APPLYING his techniques and teachings - not by just selling them.

If you have subscribed to the Winning the Game of Weigh Loss newsletter you have just received additional insider information.

John Assaraf started recording Winning the Game of Weight Loss today.

winning the game of weight loss review john assaraf neurogym

Tai Lopez 67 steps Review

Review of Tai Lopez 67 steps

67 steps is real!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Shocking truth about toxic chemicals in household cleaners

non toxic household cleaners indoor pollutionA health hazard exposed

10 Gallons of toxic household cleaners per year

10 gallons is the amount an average American household is using to keep their home clean. The term "green" is being misused by marketing departments of companies producing those toxic cleaners and means nothing, really. 

"Natural" does not automatically mean safe - and if you read the small print and it says "87 % natural" - 0.5 percent of a damaging chemical is too much and can be really dangerous. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Is Jaaxy a Worth it? Guestblog by is a site focused on guiding people through the jungle of hard- and software and allow them to make safe and effective choices. 

Is Jaaxy scam? Is jaaxy fraud? review of jaaxy
The founder, Zachary, enjoying his free time

Become Millionaire overnight with The WakeUp Millionaire?

Review of The WakeUp Millionaire

Just another Become Millionaire overnight scam?

Friday, May 22, 2015

Brain training with Brain Waves Music

What is Isochiral Brain Waves Music

Brain Waves Music is more than just the next hype. What is brain training music? 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The man who could not small talk

The man who could not small-talk

A fairy tale

There was a man who was a fabulous public speaker. When he was at the podium, the crowds went ballistic.

You could see how comfortable he felt to speak in front of all of those people. Hundreds, thousands, the crowds were loving him.

But, you see, this man had a secret. Nobody knew about this secret.

After his speech when he had to mix up with the crowd this man got very scared. He was sweating, nervously trying to hide in some corner. Pretending to work on his cell phone so that he would not look too awkward. That made him feel even more awkward.

Mass Email Marketing - A friendly rant

Mass Email Marketing - A success strategy?

Mass Email Marketing, Guerrilla marketing, spam, aggressive marketing

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

How to become a John Assaraf Brainathon Affiliate

Sign Up to Become a John Assaraf Affiliate for NeuroGym

Sign up as a partner to NeuroGym  HERE

Monday, May 18, 2015

Natural Remedy for Bladder Infection Bearberry - Guest Blog

Bearberry, natural antibiotic remedy for bladder infection 

Just released: Guest blog on Health and Healing with herbs. 

Read here:

To learn how you can use bearberry as a natural antibiotic and a natural cure for bladder infections, infections of the urinary tract and even renal pelvis infections.

natural remedy for bladder infection, natural antibiotic

Since 1994, Jean, the founder of is studying alternative remedies and herbs.

After being sick at a young age, Jean discovered the benefits of alternative healing methods and herbology in specific. Since then, she started growing her own herbs and made sharing her knowledge and results of her research her mission.

The site not only provides valuable information on herbs and healing but also offers a herb store, where you can purchase the freshest herbs, even those that are hard to find.

You will find tips on how to grow, harvest and use herbs as well as product reviews, book reviews and even tips for natural pet medicine. 

Jean will contribute guest blogs to my blog too, make sure you sign up to be the first to know. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

The truth about John Assaraf

Who is John Assaraf? Is John Assaraf Scam?

"Is John Assaraf Scam" "Is Neurogym a cult" "Is Brain-a-thon a fraud" "Is John Assaraf Mormon" - only to name a few of the questions brought to me.

As every successful person, John Assaraf is polarizing. Recently, I have received a lot of questions regarding him and his programs. Therefore, I have decided to put together a few facts about his career for you. Do not get too excited! I really do not know if he is a Mormon and in all honesty I do not really care.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Winning the Game of Weight Loss NeuroGym, John Assaraf

Winning the Game of Weight loss, WTGWL, is john assaraf fraudWinning the Game of weight-loss by John Assaraf Preview

John Assaraf's programs "Winning the Game of Fear", "Cloning of Business Success", "Winning the Game of Money" and the bestselling "Having it all" (to name only a few) have helped thousands of people achieving their financial goals. And now...weight loss?

Friday, May 8, 2015

Why coconut oil is your go to beauty product and universal medicine

Holistic Nutrition Consultant, coconut oil

Why coconut oil is your go-to beauty product and universal medicine

As a Holistic Nutrition Consultant, I am often amused. Every week another food is being praised as the "new super food". Most of the time the "super food" does not live up to the over the top marketing praise.
The best way to get real facts is to consult with trustworthy holistic nutritionists like myself or to rely on extensive and nonbiased long-term studies. Many famous doctors that the super food marketers are praising the world has never heard off. 

Review Mindvalley, Christie Marie Sheldon

Review of “The Worlds Largest Live Energy Clearing Event”

Review Christie Sheldon, Mindvalley, John Assaraf ReviewThe event is a one hour Webinar. Christie Marie Sheldon offers it via her website as well as in April 2015 via Mindvalley. Mindvalley with headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is a very well respected, award winning training academy, focusing mainly on spiritual topics.

The Clearing Session is priced at USD 95,-

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Growth mindset versus fixed mindset

growth mindset fixed mindset

Did you know that every successful person fails 1 time out of 6? Growth mindset versus fixed mindset

It happens to all of us. Somethings things get difficult. We feel like we want to give up. 

What happens from here on is decided by our mindset. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Is John Assaraf Scam?

Review of the Winning the Game of Money

Winning the Game of Money -  Brain-A-Thon

Is John Assaraf Scam? Winning the Game of MoneyMany people are wondering if John Assaraf and his programs are fraud. The “Winning the Game of Money,” Brain-a-thon system is a success coaching and brain retraining tool. It has been developed by John Assaraf and features 5 of the leading brain researchers and mind experts. 

Here is a video for those who are unfamiliar with John Assaraf.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

How to overcome fear and doubt

Eliminate success blockers!

law of attraction, eliminate success blockers

Fear and Doubts come in many forms. The fear of failure, the fear of success. We feel overwhelmed.
We all know that we have to set goals. Setting goals is one thing - reaching them is something else.

Friday, May 1, 2015

A quick reminder on the power of visualization

A reminder on the power of visualization

A quick reminder: the power of visualization

We must always remember to use our creative visualization to help us achieve goals. May it be money, a better job, health goals or a better (love)life.  It takes a bit of training to successfully visualize things. The art is to not THINK about seeing something in your mind but actually see it.  Start off by visualizing a white wall. Just a white wall.