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Social Cognitive Neuroscience - NeuroWisdom 101 Mark Waldman

NeuroWisdom 101 and Cognitive Neuroscience

There are many places where you might have heard of or met renown neuroscientist Mark Waldman. 
Social Cognitive Neuroscience and Mark Waldman

I first met him as one of the coaches in John Assaraf´s program Winning the Game of Moneye Game of Money. Soon I learned that Mark Waldman is not only a leader in neurosciences but also a splendid coach. I digged deeper into his offering and here is what I learned: 

Do you find yourself a little bit in the question below?

Do fear and stress dominate your thoughts and feelings? Does it take control of your life and affect your actions every day? These things can leave you paralyzed and feeling trapped. 

Mark Waldman´s NeuroWisdom might be the answer. Let us have a closer look at how NeuroWisdom 101 will help break with counterproductive thinking and aid in eliminate negative thoughts about yourself that are holding you back. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Why the law of attraction does not work for you

What if the law of attraction fails?

Multidimensional Awareness Coaching

Does that sound like you?
    Multidimensional Awareness, Law of Attraction
  • You understand the law of attraction
  • You do think positive
  • You apply the rules for success
  • You continuously improve your skill set
  • Your goals are set and you have a plan
  • You don´t or hardly ever procrastinate
But still you are struggling in your career or your goal achievement.

That is when you need a multidimensional awareness coach you can help you pinpoint the blocker.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Brian Tracy Psychology of Achievement

Psychology of Achievement: Meet the creator

Who is Brian Tracy? 

Success Mastery Academy
I’ll bet many of you have not even heard of him and you that have already known how he can benefit you and your success. So, if you are one of those still in the dark, this is for you. I will explain how Brian can help you achieve business and personal goals easier and faster than you could ever imagine.

Mr. Tracy is the CEO and Chairman of Brian Tracy International. His company specializes in development and training of organizations and individuals. He has done consultations in over 1,000 businesses and has given 5,000 seminars and talks throughout Canada, US and countries worldwide. He addresses over 250,000 people each year, in seminars and as a Keynote speaker.

For over 30 years, he has researched, studied and written in the fields of history, economics, philosophy, psychology and business. He has written over 45 books and is a top selling, author.

John Assaraf Brainathon Reviews

John Assaraf Brainathon Differences and Reviews

Are you wondering what the difference between John Assaraf three Brainathons is? All three are excellent resources for improving different aspects of your life. However, each one is designed to help in specific areas. 

Today, I’ll be looking at the Brainathon reviews, and pointing out the difference between three of the Brainathons. 

Even when it comes to joining the free events, it is an investment. Of your time. Let us find out which program/free event is the best one for your goals and gives you the best ROT:

Monday, June 22, 2015

Food Industry Exposed - Kellogg´s Special K Diet

Kellogg's Special K Diet-What A Lie

You’ve probably heard of the Kellogg’s Special K Diet, better known as "The Special K Challenge". Special K is a favorite brand of cereal for many people. Especially people who are trying to live a healthy lifestyle and want to lose weight love the brand.

One would assume that because they use the word diet and challenge it would be healthy and help you lose weight, right? Well, let’s look at it a bit closer, shall we?

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Neurogym´s Winning the Game of Weight Loss arrived!

Details about Winning the Game of Weight Loss

Before You Can Lose The Weight, You Have To Lose The Fear

Winning the Game of Weight Loss John Assaraf NeuroGymHave you ever wondered why your diets fail and not only fail, but you seem to then add on extra pounds?  Think about all the celebrities that have lost weight over and over again, gaining it back each time.  Remember the struggles of Christina Aguilera?  How about Kirstie Alley?  If you recall correctly, these women have lost weight and gained it back, plus some, multiple times.


Surprisingly enough, the secret may not be restricting calories or exercising.  The secret is losing the fear that is holding you back from losing that fat.

Luckily for you, there is a  FANTASTIC webinar called Winning The Game Of Weight Loss.  This webinar will teach you to retrain your brain and get rid of the self-doubt.

It’s the fear and lack of confidence that is ultimately holding you back from being successful in your weight loss attempts. 

NeuroGym’s John Assaraf

Will be presenting the webinar and will teach you how to retrain your brain through scientifically proven methods.  It will teach you:

  • How to get rid of the triggers and excuses that cause you to delay your weight loss and become proactive in taking the correct steps toward having a body that is healthy
  • The science behind the unconscious patterns around your behaviors and habits preventing you from becoming healthier. 
  • Techniques to recognize, reset and release emotional and mental hurdles and create the behaviors and attitudes of people that are healthy. 
  • How you can create the environment and time in your daily life to achieve the health goals you have set. 

NeuroGym is leading the forefront of creating brain transforming technology to maximize people’s performance and potential.  By retraining our brains and brain waves, we are able to restructure our neural system and achieve what we want.

What Are Your Fears That Are Holding You Back?

Have you ever thought about this?  Many people don’t and think they are doing everything right and what they have been told by exercising and eating properly.  But the one thing you are not doing, is having the mindset to change your body image and free yourself of the fears that unconsciously are holding you back.

Let’s look at some of those fears are keeping from losing it.

Fear of yourself

One fear is the fear of becoming a person that you might not like or someone else.
The fear of becoming who you truly are and not being able to hide behind the fat.  Maybe sometimes you tell yourself when you are upset or sad, that it would certainly be better if you weren’t ugly and fat.

That’s a very easy way to put the blame on your feelings on something else, and without the fat you are carrying around, you will have to figure out what’s really wrong.  That is very scary!  So by living with the fear of losing fat and becoming your true self, you can  hold back from losing the weight because you may not really know who your true self is yet.

Fear of other people

Another fear may be the fear of what others will think, do or say.  You might be worried that people will like you less because they may be jealous or expect more from you.  Some people will ask for more, and you have to learn how to say no in a manner that is respectful.  If you haven’t learned that, it may be a problem for you.

When you have lost the weight and your body has changed, you may attract some new people and that may be very scary for some people.  Basically, the fear of others is the fear of surrounding different and changing views on you.  It will lead you to new situations that are new to you and you may not know what to do or how to act.

The fear of failure

This is a very big fear when it comes to weight loss. Sometimes people have tried to lose weight before and have not been successful.  So, why would it work this time?  You might as well give up before you even start.  You won’t fail if you don’t try, right?  There are a lot of people that are paralyzed by this fear.  One thing that is for sure is that if you aren’t willing to try, you are certainly not going to change anything.

Before You Can Lose The Weight, You Have To Lose The Fear

This is where this webinar comes in.  It is going to teach you to train your brain to release these fears and think differently about your body image and how you think about yourself.  It’s worth your time and effort to learn a new way of thinking with this new technology that will blow you away.

Winning the Game of Weight Loss Quick Review

Winning the Game of Weight Loss offers

  1. A free live event
  2. The full program
A detailed review of the full program will follow shortly. 

What can you expect in NeuroGyms free live Brain-A-Thon?

  • Usable knowledge. Not just teasers. While best results are being achieved when attending the full program, the free live event can stand on its own
  • 80 % knowledge / 20 % Sales pitch. That is a pretty good percentage, isn´t it?
  • A panel of experts
  • Evidence-based success stories
  • Great energy from thousands of other attendees
  • Live Chat
  • A new approach that finally focuses on the most important factor of weight loss, the brain
This program is not selling subscriptions, diet pills or powders. It does not promote a new wonder diet. 

What it does deliver is a holistic approach to weight loss, that helps you to change the beliefs and habits that kept you from a) losing the weight or b) keeping it off. 

The changes you need to implement will feel natural and easier than before. 

Reserve your spot in the free event and find out for yourself.

Free Webinar

Buy a tongue cleaner

Improve Your Health Today

Buy a tongue cleaner? But, I already brush, floss, and gargle with mouthwash twice a day, isn’t that enough? Well, to be honest, no, it isn’t.

Buy a Tongue Cleaner and Improve your Health
Many people forget about the tongue when they perform their daily oral care and they shouldn’t. The tongue occupies half of our mouth space. It is responsible for our ability to taste food, so don’t you think it deserves more attention?

Did you know the tongue is just one of our body’s detoxification paths and is as important to keep clean as your teeth?

Ayurvedic Medicine Thinks You Should Buy A Tongue Cleaner Too

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian science of life. A tongue scraper has been used in the everyday oral routine in this science for over 5,000 years. It is used to remove bacteria and toxic “stuff” that may cause decay of the tooth and bad breath.

Amazingly, the way the tongue looks is one of the important tools to diagnose illness in Ayurveda, due to the fact it can detect things going on in the digestive tract before you may have changes in your bowels.

When you get up in the morning, look closely at your tongue in a mirror. If you are seeing a thick, excessive, bad-tasting coating on the tongue, it is an indication there is ama in your gastrointestinal tract. This ama is a toxic residue of food that is undigested. In Ayurveda, it is considered the starting stage of all diseases.

What Kind Of Tongue Cleaner Should I Buy?

A normal tongue indicating good digestion will have a thin, moist, slightly white coating. You should be scraping the tongue, whether you have this healthy coating or an excessive coating as it will help scrape the toxins that will accumulate as you sleep.

To remove this layer on the tongue, you need to use a special tongue scraper. This tongue scraper is a V-shaped, thin metal tool will last a lifetime and usually costs less than $10. Ayurveda recommends a silver, copper or gold scraper, depending on what the individual constitution is. For all constitutions, a stainless steel scraper is good and is cheaper.

You will often see the plastic tongue scrapers in the stores, but we should be trying to reduce our use of plastics for earth-health and our health, these are not advised for use. Also, a lot of people use their toothbrush to clean their tongue, but this doesn’t result in the same effects that a tongue scraper has. A toothbrush, will embed the bacteria in the toothbrush, and relocate it, instead of removing it from the tongue.

Following the Ayurvedic tradition, a copper tongue cleaner is recommended.


Every morning you should be scraping your tongue before you brush your teeth. Do this by starting in the back and scrap slowly to the tip. Do this 5-10 times, making sure you are removing as much of the toxic coating as you can. This whole routine should take about 10 seconds.

The tongue holds plaque, oral debris, and bacteria that by using the tongue scraper clears this away.

Several studies show tongue scraping to reduce lactobacillus and streptococcus mutants. These are bacteria known to contribute to tooth decay. Also, it helps bad breath much better than using a toothbrush to clean your tongue.

Final Words

I think that beyond the scientific proof of the benefits of scraping your tongue, the feeling of a clean fresh mouth is motivation enough. Spend the small amount of money and buy a tongue cleaner that is metal and will last you a lifetime.

You will see benefits not only in your oral health, but the health of your entire body. I think that when you start this practice daily, you won’t go back to not using a tongue cleaner.

It is an inexpensive, easy way to improve your health.

Some people object to cleaning their tongue by saying it is "gross". My question to you: Would rather have the gross stuff inside of your body or out?

Get one now: 

Winning the Game of Weight Loss, John Assaraf

Why “Winning The Game Of Weight Loss” Is The Best Way To Start A Diet

I wrote before about Winning The Game Of Weight Loss, being the best way to lose weight if you have been struggling. We talked about the fears that you may have that are in the way of you losing weight. Not only can this program aid in your journey of weight loss, it can be THE BEST way to start a diet.

On Set
Winning the Game of Weight Loss, John Assaraf

What is Winning The Game Of Weight Loss?

This program is a 12 level weight loss system that retrains your brain. It will help reshape and re-script your self-image and body to help empower you. It will help you recognize and let go of the excuses, triggers and stories the keep you from losing weight. It also teaches you to reset the inner set point in relationship to weight, so you are able to lose weight and keep it off.

So, if Winning The Game Of Weight Loss retrains the brain, let’s look at why it is the best way to start a diet and why your mindset in throughout is so critical in success of your diet.

What Is A Mindset

Basically, mindsets are our beliefs about ourselves and you basic qualities. Mindsets fall into two categories, growth-oriented and fixed.

  • Fixed mindset brains think that talent creates success and only talent. When this kind of mindset is challenged, they often take the easy way out to avoid embarrassment and failure. 
  • Growth mindset brains think they are able to improve their abilities and are able to create successes by practicing, learning and hard work.

    When they are faced with a challenge, they take it on full force even at the risk of failure. They will embrace failure because they are aware that they will be learning a valuable lesson from the failure.
Which mindset are you? Are you more of a fixed mindset? This kind of mindset will absolutely sabotage your diet before you even begin.

Let’s look at how using Winning The Game Of Weight Loss will help you retrain your brain into a mindset that will set you up for success from the start.

How Winning The Game Of Weight Loss Can Help

With this program, you will be given the chance to learn the most scientifically and advanced proven strategies and methods to first set and then achieve your goals involving weight loss. This is done by being in control of your self-worth, emotions, habits, overall health, decisions, and wellbeing.

Here is an excerpt of what is included into the full program:

Winning the Game of Weight Loss Review

As you can see when looking at this list, there are many different speakers giving great training for your mindset and how to retrain it to start and maintain a successful weight loss program.

Please note that the live event you can sign up to below is and always will be free.

To sum things up

If you are in the fixed mindset and you know it, you need to change the way you think in order to be successful in any weight loss plan you embark upon.

With the help of John Assaraf’s Winning The Game Of Weight Loss, you will free yourself of these negative thoughts that are holding you back and go forward in the best way to start a diet and maintaining your weight loss goals.

Sign up to the free event HERE
Read more HERE HERE and HERE

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The 10 Day Turbo Diet - Scam or Legit?

The 10 Day Turbo Diet!  

Now, that sounds like my kind of diet. But, hold on there, looks can be deceiving, and I would like to know more about a diet that has the words 10 days and turbo in it.  Does it actually work?

Common sense tells us that there is no healthy to way to lose considerable amounts of fat(!), not water, in just 10 days.

The Alkline Diet Review

An Honest Review Of The Alkaline Diet

If you are anything like me, you have tried many trending diets, just to find they aren’t working or are hard to stick to.  Some of these work well for some people and others not so much.  The internet is full of these diets today and sometimes it can be very hard to wade through the crap.  The Alkaline Diet is one of those diets that has been floating around for a while, and today I’m going to delve into the workings of it and see what I find.

Universal Life Secrets Review

Is Universal Life Secrets by Chris D´Cruz for you?

What exactly are the universal life secrets? We all want to know, right? I certainly do! I found this program promising just that, so I thought I would review it and let you decide if it is right for you.

What I found right away is that these secrets are a collection of knowledge from centuries of ancient philosophers, mystics, and priest. Today, they have been made into digital format and updated to pertain to the modern world. These are fundamental things that allow the world’s most powerful and richest people go to unbelievable levels of success.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Top 5 weird things about me

Judging you by your eyes

Since ages when I want to decide on the character of a person that I do not know in person I use his picture. In my opinion, there is only one way to learn about a person you do not know besides his pictures: 

Instant Article Factory Review

Instant Article Factory-Is It Worth It?

Have you ever wanted to write an article in 5 minutes? I know I would definitely love a product that helped me achieve that. Well, I have found one and it is The Instant Article Factory and it is said to write original articles for you in just a mere 5 minutes.

The software is template based and claims to help overcome writer’s block which is paralyzing as we all know. It will lead you through all the way from the title creation to the end. Let’s take a look at it and see how it does this.

Most products do not deliver to their promise, let us see if this one does. 

Personally, I am skeptic and I decided to give this product a closer look.

Instant Article Factory

Thursday, June 11, 2015

TOP 5 Tea Tree Oil Use

The Top 5 Amazing Tea Tree Oil Use

tea tree oil use
Tea tree oil has a reputation today as a cure-all and this is not at all an exaggeration.  This oil is used to cure just about all topical diseases and infections.  You name it and at least one of the tea tree oil benefits will have a positive effect for that problem.

It is found in almost all households in Australia and is a favorite of those with small children.  Keep in mind as you read this that tea tree oil is not to be ingested and is for topical use only.

What Is Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil, also known as melaleuca oil, is derived from the leaves of the tea tree plant.  It is a member of the family of the myrtle tree and it is native to Australia.

The plant is held in high regards by the Australian primitive communities for its amazing healing properties.  Various aboriginal tribes on the east coast of Australia have long used the tea tree as a skin antiseptic.  They crushed the leaves and applied it to infections, burns, and cuts.

In the 1920’s, an Australian government chemist published several articles on the antiseptic benefits of tea tree oils.  Through the modern distillation methods, we are now able to manufacture the tea tree oil into a clear, pale golden, camphor scented product.

5 Tea Tree Benefits


Tea tree oil is HIGHLY effective against bacterias.  It not only keeps away microbes, but kills them.  It is good for any kind of bacterial infection of the skin.  One study that was done showed that tea tree oil was effective in treating MERSA, a highly infectious and resistant microorganism.

This is a plant the helps the most devastating of bacterial infections that are found in the tropic regions.  Wounds can be effectively healed and protected by using the oil.


We all know that a viral infection is dangerous and can be recurring.  Viruses can not only survive but thrive even under the harshest conditions.  The have a protective shell that helps them survive cold, heat, and even poisonous substances.

Believe it or not, they don’t ever die naturally and can live dormant for a very, very long time.  They can only be killed once their outer covering or cyst is ruptured by a certain compound.  Tea tree oil facilitates the rupture of the cyst and therefore, kills the virus.


If you are suffering from congestion, bronchitis, and other respiratory illnesses, you can get some relief by using tea tree oil.  It is able to relieve coughs, congestion, and cold symptoms.  If rubbed on the chest and deeply inhales while you are resting, it can be a great remedy for these symptoms. You can also place a few drops on your pillow while you sleep.


An open wound can be very susceptible to infections.  These can be bacterial, fungal and can turn into tetanus or sepsis.  Protect these wounds by applying tea tree oil as a preventative action.  It makes a wonderful antiseptic and can be applied to the wound directly.  It can be used on cuts, scrapes, boils, insect bites, and stings.


The oil has a stimulating effect, and these effects are on hormone secretions, immune system, and circulation.  It helps boost your immune system and can protect against infections.  By using it as an aromatherapy, you can get the same effects as you would if you were to take it internally.


There are so many more tea tree oil benefits. These are my top 5.  It is such a well known oil for fighting skin infections, whether that be viral or bacterial, it truly is a miraculous remedy.  If you have never tried this oil, I suggest you try it this summer when scrapes, cuts, and insect bites are inevitable.

Where to buy

Amazon is your best option. Shop now:


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Amazon Prime Trial Membership Review

Review of the Amazon Prime Trial Membership 

 Have you ever cleaned out your purse or wallet only to find it’s been overrun by loyalty cards, points cards, and punch cards? It’s hard to keep track of which is for what merchant. These little perks are the way merchants try to keep you coming back to a place that you frequent.

In addition to that you might be part of several online sites or subscription services.

Today I’ll do a review of Amazon Prime and see if it’s worth adding it to your already increasing collection of merchant bonuses.

The cost for the program is only $99. "Only?" Yes, ONLY. Read to find out why. Below you also find an "inside Prime" video I took out of my member area. Please be gentle with me, this is my first take on a screencast (:

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Review of Brain Power Control, Steve G Jones

Boost your Brain Power with Brain Power Control 

What is the Brain Power Control program?

Steve G Jones Brain Power ControlBrain Power Control Audio Program has been created by Dr. Steve G Jones, a world renowned hypnotherapist.  He created this program to increase your brainpower.  The audio program includes four modules and one self-hypnosis session.

This program is solely designed for instant results.  It seems to keep the average consumer in mind, as a one-time trial definitely gives it first place among my list favorites.

It is easily downloaded and is perfect for even the beginner with its easy of use.

Steve G Jones has a pretty impressive resume and a large offering in the are of self-help, self-development, hypnosis.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Brain Evolution System Review (Lee Benson)

Is the Brain Evolution System real? 

I know a few people who could definitely use more peace and less anxiety in their life, and I’ll bet you could name a few also. Most of us have busy lives and cannot spend hours on winding down.

Meditation is not working for everyone. Some find it hard to relax after a tough day at work. Brain Waves stimulation is a good way for those. 

I have found a pretty good program that does just that. Once you read this Brain Evolution System Review, you can honestly tell them that you can recommend something to help.

What Is The Brain Evolution Brain Entrainment System? 

This system helps boost one’s mind power by using sound to reach highest level of well-being, health, relaxation, creativity, and more.