Friday, July 31, 2015

Emotional Intelligence and Success

Emotional Intelligence and Success

Emotional Intelligence as a Leadership Skill

We all want to be successful in life. We want to move forward in our careers, and want to move up in the so called 'corporate foodchain'. However, most people make the mistake of thinking that it is merely a matter of skill and competence. This is not true. While yes, skill does matter in the workplace, it does not affect your career as much as you think.

Being skilled at your job certainly helps you get that promotion, or that job raise or anything else you aspire for. The part where it gets tricky is the fact that being skilled alone may not help you. You need to develop on some other key areas in order to truly succeed at your career.

6-Figure Teleseminar and Webinar System Review

Review of Lisa Sasevich´s 6-figure system 

Lisa Sasevich Sassy MastermindsI recently came across a presentation of Lisa Sasevich. She states that she is "The Queen of Sales Closing."

That is a pretty confident statement, right?  I decided to have a close look at the program.

Her story reads like the American Dream. After being fired from her job she started to work from home and became a multi millionaire. She took the next step to achieving her dream and now teaches others how to achieve theirs goals and dreams.

I was skeptical, assuming it is another product sales system. After attending the event and purchasing the system I learned that it applies to people who want to promote their services just the same.

6 Figure Teleseminar and Webinar Sales System Lisa Sasevich

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Is Counting Calories To Lose Weight Useless?

Can calorie tracking help you lose weight?

Is Counting Calories useless?In this article, you will learn why calorie counting is useless and how you will never need a weight-loss diet again.

A calorie tracker references a simple relation between food intake, calorie consumption and current weight. Based on the physical laws of thermodynamics, it suggests that weight loss and weight gain are easily controllable.

This is a misconception as calorie tracking is basically useless to control the body weight.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

How NeuroWisdom101 by Mark Waldman helps you

Neuroscience a tool for Stress relief?

The biggest impediment to productivity is stress. Ironically, striving for more productivity actually causes more stress, and more stress hinders your productivity, leaving you in a vicious cycle. Stress can be really destructive, and is the cause of various physical and mental problems.

Most people prescribe medicines for stress, and yet others describe therapies. However, these two are on two opposite ends, and one is too effective (side-effects), and the other isn't effective at all. You need something in the middle, which can eliminate stress while not causing additional side-effects.

Another option would be to spend a 6-week vacation on a beautiful island and leave all stress behind. For one most of us do not have the option to take a break like that and secondly the stress would catch up with you again short after you go back to your regular life.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Why our Food is too Cheap

How cheap food harms us

The United States are the country that developed most of the fast food companies and is ahead of everyone else when it comes to processing food. You find a Burger King next to most McDonalds, directly opposite of the Taco Bell that is the neighbor to a Dunkin Donut.

Why our food is too cheapOur dollar stores are filled with "tv-dinners", bags of chips and other food that seem to provide an amazing return on your buck.

We started the worldwide "convenience food" trend.

We can afford to throw 30 - 50 % of all food we purchase out. As we have a low tolerance against unshapely or somehow imperfect looking food, stores throw out lots of food as well.

Still we keep hearing complaints about the high costs for food. At the same time farmers are struggling, hardly able to make a living.

What is wrong here?

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

5 Tips to Detox from Sugar

Why detox from Sugar?

5 Tips to Detox from Sugar
"She has a sweet tooth" is one of the expressions some people belittle sugar addiction. Cravings for sweets and sugary food is still seen as harmless by our society.

Some people diagnosed with Diabetes Type II enjoy their sweet treats and use injections to alter the effect of sugar.

Once people thought the damaging impact of sugar through they are looking for a consequent and efficient way to ban sugar from their menu.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

What is a Success Coach?

How you benefit from a Success Coach

What is a Success Coach? How can you benefit?
A Success Coach helps you to successfully implement new beliefs and habits that will result in goal achievement. Success blockers are being analyzed and eliminated.

You could also say your brain activity and mindset are being optimized.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

LAO LIVE this Saturday, Last minute notice

Quick Info about an one-time Event on Saturday: 

LAO Live Event - Transformation Summit:

I recommend that you to clear your schedule on July 18th because something BIG
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It’s called => [The LOA LIVE- The Ultimate Transformation Summit] <=
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What she’s done is truly remarkable!

She’s bringing together some of the brightest minds in the personal
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And who are these brilliant minds?

Well none other than John Assaraf, Dr. Joe Vitale, Sonia Ricotti
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They’ll all be revealing their MOST effective and powerful methods
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And it’s happening on July 18th in an ALL-DAY event loaded with
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Ready to reach your goals and beat procrastination and uncertainty for good,
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This is the first time that Natalie is putting on something of this magnitude
so if you think you’d like to attend, my advice for you is… grab your spot now:

Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Neuroscience of Weight Loss

When the Soul makes you Fat

Neuroscientists discovered that obesity starts in your brain. Stress and anxiety are two of the major causes. Another important factor is your feeling of self-worth.
Cognitive Neuroscience - When the Soul makes you Fat
In this post, we will look at a few facts, go to the root of the problem and find solutions.

As you all know I am originally from Germany. I am still learning medical terminology - but I am positive that even though the post might not be perfect grammar-wise you will still be able to understand the meaning.

1.4 Billion grown ups are overweight worldwide

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Nestle Health Offensive - Real or Propaganda Farce

Will Nestle offer healthier food?

What is the Nestlé Health Offensive?

I visited Nestlé outside of Lausanne, Switzerland back when I lived in Germany and sold Business Intelligence Projects. It is a very impressive laboratory. Probably the most famous products are "Crunch" and "Kit Kat". Nestlé also owns dozens of frozen foods brands.
Nestlé Health Offensive

The largest food company (by revenue) aims to make their food more healthy. The challenge is to implement changes in a way that does not scare buyers off. Nestlé plans to decrease the amount of sugar and sodium in food by 10 percent until the year 2016. They also plan to reduce the amount of fat.

In 2008, Pepsi announced that by 2020 they wanted to double the sales of what they call "nutrition" food. So far "nutrition food" is at 20 % of their turnover. Even Walmart with its store brands is talking about producing healthier food. Only the majority of consumers is not yet buying into it.

Nestle Health OffensiveNestlé will still not appeal to organic or healthy eaters, so they need to make sure that they do not lose too much of their current customer base. Nestlé is not particularly known for nutritional or healthy foods. Nestlé will not communicate the changes on the product labels or packing. They are too scared that customers might be thrown off by terms like "less sugar" "less fat" or "less sodium".

Nestlé has a foundation called "Nestlé Nutritional Foundation" that has the purpose of improving the nutritional value of Nestlé products.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Cognitive Neuroscience and Fear

How to use Fear to your advantage

Cognitive Neuroscience says behavior is connected to fear

And neuroscientists provide explanations that lead to solutions. Read on if you want to learn how thousands of people successfully overcame their fear and achieved more success in their personal and business lives.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Chopra Center Meditation and The Quest

Review Of The Quest And An Introduction To The Chopra Center

Chopra Center MeditationNo matter at which stage of your life you are, we all face difficult life challenges. What makes the difference is how you handle those challenges. How we respond to stress affects our quality of life and longevity.

Many of us are taught to deal with our problems rational and intellectually. We are resolved to figure it out. Most of us will scrutinize, analyze, and agonize, and worry about things and circumstances that are beyond our control.