Monday, August 31, 2015

Artificial Sweeteners the Silent (Diet) Killer

What Sugars Are Good For You And Your Diet

Artificial Sweeteners and Weight Loss

So, you’re on a diet and using artificial sweeteners in just about everything.  But, you're still gaining weight and can’t figure out why. Sound familiar?  

Unfortunately, you have been fooled into thinking that those will help you lose weight.  I’m going to show you what sugars are good for you and your diet.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Why Table Salt is bad for Weight Loss and Health

Why Himalayan Salt Is Better For Your Diet And Health Than Table Salt

An important and inexpensive change of habit is switching the kind of salt you are using. A small step with a huge impact.
Himalayan Salt is better for you

Not only is the regular table salt very(!) unhealthy for you -  it is also is a diet killer. Anything poisonous that keeps our liver busy is not our friend when it comes to weight loss.  

You might notice weight loss by just implementing this little step.

Opposite to the table salt you get in your supermarket, Himalayan salt contains a lot of minerals. For one, you will help your liver out by taking in fewer toxins. The instant gratification will be that switching the salt you are using will work like a water pill.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

7 Super Foods for Weight Loss

7 Super Foods for Weight Loss7 Surprising Super foods That Help You Feel Full Longer

We all know what it’s like to diet and always feel hungry, which can then quickly derail our efforts at weight loss. Would you be surprised to learn that there are foods that are actually higher in fat and good for you, which can keep you feeling full longer? It’s true, and I’m going to let you in on the secret of Superfoods.

If you are like me chewing on carrots will not ever satisfy your hunger anyways.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

6 Alarming Facts about Subway Junk Food

Is Subway Food Healthy?

6 facts about Subway that suggest otherwise

6 Alarming Facts about Subway Junk Food
Courtesy of Perez Hilton
Yesterday I had 20 minutes until an appointment, an empty stomach and there was nothing around besides a Subway. 

Obviously, I have a learning resistance. After my first visit to Subway, I did not go there again for 4 years. 

I still lived in Germany 4 years ago and I thought by myself ... well, in all honesty, I wanted to think "maybe it's better in the US" just to have an excuse. Ethics is a matter of the circumstances, they say, and when I am hungry ....

I ordered a vegetarian sub (the 6 dollar menu with drink and chips). I could only take two bites from the sub. But, hey, a bad sandwich is a (hopefully) interesting blog post. 

5 Best Foods to Detoxify Liver and Kidneys

Detox made easy with popular foods

5 Best Foods to Detoxify 

While there are many effective ways for liver and kidney detox here is my TOP 5 of detox foods you probably already have in your storage.

Just a few tweaks turn this popular food into detox and cleansing helpers:

Detox made easy with Artichokes1. Artichokes - Support for your liver

The main purpose of your liver is to remove toxins. Artichokes aid that process by removing toxin from your liver. 

That will allow your liver to produce more bile. Bile plays an important role in managing nutrients so that it betters the nutrient-reception. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Business Growth System Review, Rich Schefren

Is Rich Schefren´s BGS Scam or Legit

Business Growth System Review (Strategic Profits)

The Business Growth System has been developed by Rich Schefren, owner and founder of Strategic Profits. 

When he made his first steps into the online world Rich Schefren had already founded several successful offline companies and turned them into multi-million dollar machines. To his surprise, he faced severe struggle with his first attempt at online business. 

Rich Schefren would not be Rich Schefren if that would have caused him to give up. He searched for the formula of developing a successful online business. Meanwhile, thousands of entrepreneurs have used this program. 

Being successful on the internet does not necessarily mean you are not scam so let´s look at the details of this product, the after-sales service and most importantly if it can deliver to the claims.  

Monday, August 10, 2015

The 5 Best Protein Sources For Vegetarians

The 5 best sources of protein for Vegetarians and Pescatarians

5 Best Sources of Protein for Vegetarians and PescatariansMeat or no meat - a full spectrum of amino acids is necessary for a healthy living. Some stop eating meat for health reasons while others decide that they do not want to eat any flesh of animals or products from animals.

Two things are for sure: Most of us are eating too much meat while the quality of most non-organic meat is questionable at the least.

Adding more veggies to your diet is definitely not a bad choice - even if you do not convert completely.

Conversion Queen Lisa Sasevich - A personal review

Is your career worth the price you pay?

Let me explain why I need Lisa Sasevich  by sharing my story.

I have had my fair share of long-hour jobs that constantly made me travel. The kind of jobs where you spend your free time with prospects, colleagues and customers. Business dinners, fairs, urgent RFP´s, seminars and the after parties... 

Lisa Sasevich ReviewsTogether with the fact that you are far away from home most of the time, friendships with people with regular hour jobs are very hard to maintain. Commitments to weekly classes are impossible and you will disappoint friends on a regular basis as you had to drop out of just another event that is important to them. 

I will be forever grateful that I was given the chance to work in these awesome jobs. 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Internet Business Manifesto Review, Rich Schefren

Is The Internet Business Manifesto worth your time?

Here is a quick review of Rich Schefren´s Internet Business Manifesto (Strategic Profits). Time is one of the most valuable resources and a lot of products on the market, free or paid, provide a very bad ROT (return on time). 

Let´s cut through the chase right away. I liked it a lot. I rarely review useless offers I come across and focus my time and energy on the products that add great value. 

Who should read this Business Manifesto?

No matter how successful you have been with brick and mortar businesses or CEO/Manager positions:

Like me, you will soon learn that an Internet Business is a totally different thing.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Best LOA, Success Coaching Affiliate Programs

LOA, Success Coaching, Brain Training Affiliate Programs

Become an Affiliate

While there are lots of LOA, Success Coaching and Brain Training programs on the market, you want to make sure you only recommend the best of the pack.

The kind of products and programs where customers thank you and tell you their success stories.

While there are zillions of products on the market many of them are mediocre. Others are not good at supporting their ambassadors.

Friday, August 7, 2015

5 Habits that Damage your Brain

5 Easy Wellness Tips for your Brain5 Easy Wellness Tips for your Brain

Self-help books, media, tv shows - on a daily basis we receive wellness and health tips for different areas.

Shouldn´t we give the 46 ounces of nerve cells the same level of attention we give the rest of our bodies?

Your brain will love the following tips:

Monday, August 3, 2015

Ultimate Success Masterclass Review, Mind Movies

Is Ultimate Success Masterclass Natalie Ledwell Scam?

What is Mind Movies USM good for?

Ultimate Success Masterclass Review by Natalie LedwellWe all aspire to be successful, and we wish to achieve our goals. But most of us don't get anywhere near our goals and success is still out of hand. Sure, one may have some wealth, but the thing is, if you don't achieve your goals and become successful, not only financially, but also mentally and socially, everything becomes insignificant.

Without achieving your goals, you feel empty and while you may be in a stable place in life, it isn't where you want to be. You want to be out there, achieving your goals. For example, you may want to start a company, and may already be at a well-paying job.

True determination is to quit your job and pursue your business, but most don't have the courage to do so. Of course, this doesn't mean that you should be reckless, which can result in financial instability.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

5 Reasons for eliminating Grains from your Diet

Is eating grains good for you?

5 Reasons to stop eating grainsThe cavemen diet (Paleo) suggests removing grains from your diet completely.

One of the reasons is history. From what we know large amounts of grains became available with the start of agriculture. Agriculture marked the end of the cavemen area.

Others bring up the argument of evolution. Their standpoint is that after only 10.000 years our organism and metabolism cannot have adapted to the new food. Therefore, it is hard to digest.

Should you eat grains?

Some say that grains are tasty, others say that eating grains in its different forms is very convenient.

Especially in many countries of Europe a lot of artisanry evolves around grains. After all, grains are a natural product.

There are valid reasons - cavemen diet discussion aside - to stop eating grains.