Friday, September 25, 2015

Avoiding Job Burnout - What you need to know

Job Burnout Signs / Recovery / How to Avoid

Avoiding Job BurnoutJob burnout or the burnout syndrome has become a widespread disease in the industrialized world. Since 1990, the number of sick leaves for emotional distress has more than doubled. Job stress has been declared one of the biggest threats of the century by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Competing for attention in a world of electronic and "social" media adds to the problem.

Even though performance-oriented people are most likely to suffer from a burnout it is not just a "manager problem". A burnout can hit anyone. People with the helper syndrome are also vulnerable for burnouts.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

4 Myths about the Brain

Brain Facts or Misconceptions?

4 Myths about the Brain

4 Myths About The BrainDespite new scientific findings, myths are tenacious. Partly because new information takes a while to find their way into the media and the public eye. Maybe sometimes we want to believe them and do not care to dig into complex issues.

The following 4 myths about the human brain are very popular and common:

Myth 1 = We only use 10 % of our brain capacity

I am sure you heard very many times that you are only using a tiny part of your brain.

We are only using a very small portion of our brain capacity. Fact. We all have the potential for development. Fact.

Only the assumption is wrong. When our brain activity is being recorded via MRI scan (magnetic resonance imaging) only a small part of our brain is active. However, it is important to know that different parts of our brain are active at different times.

While our brain represents only 2 % of our total body mass it uses 20 % of the energy. Our body could not supply the energy necessary if all parts of the brain would be active at once.

Mary Morrissey Review - The DreamBuilder

Review of The DreamBuilder Program

Review of The DreamBuilder by Mary MorrisseyThe DreamBuilder by Marry Morrissey's Life Mastery Academy is a 90-day (120) system for professionals who want to dissolve success-blockers and make the life of their dreams their reality and status quo.

That sounds similar to what other programs claim. Can this one deliver?

DreamBuilder comes in two versions.
  • A live event
  • A program

This review is for the program. Please find the review of the live event HERE

Friday, September 18, 2015

These 4 Foods Sabotage Your Success

4 Foods That Impact Your Brain Function

Did you know that your diet could be sabotaging your success?
4 Food That Harm Brain And Success
The food we eat is not only important for our overall health, but is most important for our brain health and therefore, your success in all aspects of your life.

A short while ago the German media was going berserk on a producer of salmon spread. Why? Because he was honest. The translation of the part marked red is: 

"Can affect activity and concentration of kids." (ADHS)

Let´s ignore for now that this is not a problem of one producer who was honest enough to print it on the label. Most processed food and junk food contains these or other as harmful additives. 

My Morning Mentor Review, Mary Morrissey

My Morning Mentor - Another LOA Scam?

Review of My Morning Mentor

My review of Mary Morrissey´s "My Morning Mentor", Life Mastery Institute reflects my experience with the second product I purchased from Mary. Without my positive experience with The DreamBuilder, I would likely not have bothered with My Morning Mentor. Read why.

What is My Morning Mentor good for?

My Morning Mentor Review, Mary Morrissey
We all have different passions and aspirations and are unique in our own special ways, but there is one universal goal that we all strive for: Success. Everyone wants to be successful, and in the ideal world, we all would be. But the fact is that only a few people are deserving of the "successful" moniker.

Monday, September 14, 2015

8 Habits of Successful People

What Successful People do

Often, people make the assumption that to make money and be successful you have to have either money or power. Or both.
8 Things Successful People Do
This is not true. Success is a decision, a mindset, an expectation. Anyone can be successful. Every successful person can be more successful. Circumstances can make achieving success harder or easier, but they do not decide if we will be successful. We decide that.

Here is the thing: If you come home and the power is out and you hear music and see lights in houses surrounding yours. Would you think that the universe has set you up for a power outage? That you will never have light in your living room?

No. You would think that a wire broke or a fuse jumped and figure the problem out and solve it. That is how successful people go about setbacks in personal relationships, careers, and business ventures. But many people who suffer failure or setbacks in their professional lives feel that the universe is responsible for it. They unconsciously make setbacks their status quo and failure their attitude.

The laws of the universe are precise and perfect. They apply to everyone and it is up to us to use them to our advantage. That is what successful people do.

Here is the good news: Nature is neutral. Nature does not care if you are successful. It does not sort people into those who are allowed to make it and those who are not.

So what differentiates successful people from others?

Friday, September 11, 2015

66 Sales Leadership Success Quotes

66 inspirational Quotes to keep you going

Review of Mary Morrissey The Dreambuilder LIVE

Mary Morrissey´s The Dreambuilder Review Live/Product

The Dreambuilder is available in two versions: A live event and a product you can use out of the comfort of your home. Also available are free tools that you can access below. 

Please click HERE to skip the Live Event Review and jump to the Product review. To learn more about Mary and her company Life Mastery Institute click HERE

Let´s have a look at the Live Event first: 

The DreamBilder Review Mary Morrissey

Life Mastery Insitute Review The Dreambuilder LIVE

Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

Like most people, you are probably living every day with a “someday” attitude. “Someday” I’ll work on my visions and dreams. Our dreams are way too important to be put on hold until “someday”. Now is the time to start contributing to your dreams and make a change! The live Dreambuilder event claims to help you do just that.

Who is Mary Morrissey / Life Mastery Institute?

Mary Morrissey Life Mastery Institute Review

Who is Mary Morrissey?

Who is Mary MorrisseyHer full name is Mary Manin Morrissey. Unlike my other articles that evaluate more what a tool can do for you and which services/products and features are offered, I have to start this review with "Why can Mary Morrissey do something for you". 

You will read about her accolades, background, how she became filthy rich (and poor and rich again) and offered services later. In the case of this special Lady I have to put the soft skills first. 

Mary is
  • Trustworthy
  • Believable
  • Tough with a great good heart
  • Honest
  • Strong
  • Effective
  • Real (nothing sneaky, salesy about her)
  • Straight
  • Grounded
  • Analytic and intelligent

She is like a firm handshake. But let´s hear it from her friend, Bob Proctor, who might find an other expression than "like a firm handshake".

5 Facts about Healthy Weight and Obesity

Dangerous fat pads are hard to spot 

5 Facts about Healthy Weight and ObesityObesity and being overweight is said to be unhealthy and dangerous. "Less eating more working out" is something overweight people hear over and over again.

Obese people might get evil looks when they eat a treat in public and are considered the next candidate for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Recent studies show that this thesis is not true. Being overweight does not necessarily lead to hypertension, diabetes and an early death.

Overweight but healthy?

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Neuroscience and Success - The Story of Henry Molaison

Henry Molaison was the man without memory

Henry Molaison, Subconscious, Neuroscience, and Success

An article about the most famous patient of neuroscience.

Quick overview:

The night Henry Molaison died

The night Henry Molaison ( died there was no time for mourning.

Henry Molaison the man without memoryWhen Ph.D. Suzanne Corkin (head of the Corkin Lab, Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience, Principal Investigator at MIT) learned that Henry had died she did not think about his mesmerizing smile. Or the many hours she spent with him in the laboratory. At this moment, all Suzanne Corkin cared about was his brain.

In nearly 40 years, Suzanne has investigated many patients. Dementia, brain surgery, brain injuries. But none was like Henry Molaison. Over centuries, Suzanne Corkin has talked to him and followed his fate - or doom.

Why GMO´s make you fat

GMO - The Weight Loss Killer

Why GMO´s make you fat

Why GMO’s Are Making You Fat And Damage Your Liver

That’s a doom and gloom headline, now isn’t it?  But it’s a fact, GMO’s are making you fat and GMO’s are damaging your liver.  How can the foods we eat and have been approved by the government be doing this? Aren’t they safe?  Let’s look at why this is true and what you can do about it.