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Winning the Game of Money –  Brain-A-Thon

Is John Assaraf Scam? Winning the Game of MoneyMany people are wondering if John Assaraf and his programs are fraud. The “Winning the Game of Money,” Brain-a-thon system is a success coaching and brain retraining tool. It has been developed by John Assaraf and features 5 of the leading brain researchers and mind experts.Here is a video for those who are unfamiliar with John Assaraf.

Short Overview:

It is his newest program. He is known for several TV appearances, movies, audio books, speaker events, books  (The Secret, Law of Attraction, Having it all, Winning the Game of Money and many more). In the first seven days after launching 15.000 have signed up for the training. John Assaraf is perceived as the “Top Neuro-Training Authority”.

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john assaraf scam winning the game of money review


Features at a Glance:

  • 9 Level brain re-training system
  • Contains audio, videos, live support, webinars, handbook
  • One year VIP support and coaching within a closed community. Personal contact with John Assaraf and other industry experts
  • Extensive bonus material (including the complete  bestselling program “having it all”)
  • 90-day intensive brain-retraining
  • Live Phone support
  • The included “Million Dollar Library” includes: Mark Waldman, Dr. Joan Rosenberg, Bill Seidman, George Pratt, Ken Druck, Bo Eason, Dr. Brian Alman, Tristan Truscott, Joe Sweeney, Ari Whitten, Mark Lack, Gay Hendricks, Ken Druck, Jim Bunch, Marcia Wieder, David Bach, Tom Antion, Dave Ellis, Allison Maslan, JJ Virgin
  • The also included success manifesto series includes training/videos from 20 of the “who is who” of money and success and other mindset experts.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee, unconditional
  • Unlimited streaming
  • Audio, Video can be downloaded, yours to keep
  • Used with outstanding results, by professionals from entrepreneur to sales guy and board member
  • I have followed up with over 30 raving reviews to make sure it is real people with real stories
  • Complex material made accessible and easy to follow
  • Participants reached results at a high level
  • Evidence proven


  • Only available in English
  • Cost $ 997 seems high for a digital product
  • MP3 or music file player needed (no CDs included, only digital mp3 files)



The brain-a-thon by John Assaraf is a unique and extremely powerful program. In both, the free and full version.
While with the programs “Winning the Game of Fear” and bestselling “Having it all” the participants achieved outstanding results, the brain-a-thon is way superior.
It is the most complete brain retrain system available on the market today and the result of over 20 years of studies.
In addition to the powerful training, 1 year intensive support and coaching by John Assaraf and David Waldman (Live Events, Community, training), the added “bonuses” alone have a value I could not qualify in a number.
The free 6-hour web event is a powerful success blocker eliminator in itself. Attending the free seminar alone can end procrastination for everyone and lead to more success.Where to buy:
Directly from vendor HEREUPDATE: Since July 2017 NeuroGym offers a $1 trial.  You can get it HERE Free Workshop: 
Sign up HERE

Video Overview:


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