Is Rich Schefren´s BGS Scam or Legit

Business Growth System Review (Strategic Profits)

The Business Growth System has been developed by Rich Schefren, owner and founder of Strategic Profits. 
When he made his first steps into the online world Rich Schefren had already founded several successful offline companies and turned them into multi-million dollar machines. To his surprise, he faced severe struggle with his first attempt at online business. 
Rich Schefren would not be Rich Schefren if that would have caused him to give up. He searched for the formula of developing a successful online business. Meanwhile, thousands of entrepreneurs have used this program. 
Being successful on the internet does not necessarily mean you are not scam so let´s look at the details of this product, the after-sales service and most importantly if it can deliver to the claims.  

I first attended a free webinar before I decided to get the product. With so many useless products around, I appreciate that Strategic Profits offers the possibility to gather in-depth information on the product and service before you make your decision.

But who has not wasted time on useless presentations for “products” that turned out to be a long and empty sales pitch with teasers? “Make 200k in 48 hours without moving a muscle” and similar “guaranteed systems” that deliver a 12-page pdf on how to spam people with “guerilla marketing” techniques and how to build a 1-page website that is supposed to make you rich.

Time is a valuable good and you deserve a return on your time as well as your money.

In my opinion anyone promising you guaranteed success is a crook. If that is what you are looking for BGS is not for you.

Success requires commitment and taking action.  If you are looking for a profound way to build, establish and grow a successful online company, please read on. 

How can Rich Schefren´s BGS help you?

Is Rich Schefren ScamEntrepreneurship is an extremely rewarding activity, and the feeling of fulfillment you get from being at the helm of a business is simply unmatched. You are in control and you enjoy setting your own schedule.

You are independent. You innovate and create. You make it work. You make money. You can make a living with things you are passionate about.

And that’s what entrepreneurship is all about.

For every famous and successful entrepreneur we find, there are hundreds or even thousands more who have failed. It is not like they don’t have what it takes. Just the approach was wrong.

Most successful entrepreneurs have had their fair share of failure as well. Even some of the biggest names in this Industry have failed at first.

Basically, those who are just starting out at running their businesses might not know the first thing about running a business, attracting customers and more. The industry is no small game, and you do need to have competitive business tactics in order to succeed.

Business Growth System (BGS) allows you to

  • Build and run a legitimate successful online business from scratch
  • Overcome struggles and obstacles with your current online business 
  • Optimize your processes and implement a strategy
  • Not fall into the failure-traps most entrepreneurs run into
  • Clone Rich Schefren´s successful business concept and methods
  • Get access to and individual coaching from a successful self-made online and offline millionaire
  • Work less for more money
This system is not for people who are not willing to upgrade their skill set or put in the time. If you believe you can create a website in a day and then sit back and get rich, this sophisticated and strategic product is not for you. 
This program is for entrepreneurs who are serious about building or troubleshooting an online company. 
Strategic Profits offers a free Internet Manifesto that is currently being downloaded on average 250 times per hour. It is a great tool and also gives you a good idea on what to expect from this program. 

What is included in Rich Schefren´s BGS?

The deliverables of the Business Growth System are pretty extensive, prepare yourself for a long list: 
One part of the training and coaching system consists of 11 modules that the vendor values at $750 each: 
  1. The first module reveals Rich Schefren´s entrepreneurial secrets. It is focused on the tricks most entrepreneurs are not aware of
  2. The second module teaches how to develop, isolate and profit from your money-making strength
  3. Module three enables you to create immediate momentum for your product or service
  4. The fourth module teaches you how to offer so much value to your prospects that they cannot refuse your proposal (“Mafia offer”)
  5. Module five: Powerful marketing strategies to make sure you succeed
  6. The sixth module will help you to eliminate success blockers and any obstacles in your way
  7. Module seven: The Secret Language of Business-Metrics
  8. Module eight: Learn how to automize your business “Set it and forget it”
  9. Module nine trains you on Project Management
  10. Module ten: Put your business building SWAT team together
  11. The final module enables you to convert your business into a well-oiled machine
To make sure that you achieve your goal these components are also included:

  1. Weekly phone call with Rich Schefren with Q&A for individual coaching support – free for a full year
  2. Recordings and transcripts of 4 years of past Q&A calls – yours to keep
  3. Detailed process maps that enable you to copy Rich´s method to success. He used them to make Strategic Profits the multi-million dollar company it is now
  4. “Blueprint for Success” is a collection of all emails, landing pages, sales letters, and product launch resources of Strategic Profits
  5. A collection of special reports with strategies, best practices and other wisdom and content not available any other way
  6. 1 Year free membership in Rich´s “Founder´s Club”
  7. 30-day money-back guarantee (no questions asked)

Strategic Profits Support

I have tested the phone and email support before and after I bought and I am impressed. Competent support has been provided in a timely manner.  


  • A serious approach to building a legit and profitable online business
  • Includes Business Strategy
  • “Teacher” made his money applying his techniques – not just selling books and courses about them
  • Shows you hot to succeed even with an inferior product
  • Grounded and complete approach. Does not only cover technical aspects but also how to implement processes that allow you to successfully run and grow your business
  • Inexpensive (costs less than a few hours of Management consulting)
  • Real success stories
  • Totally different (in a good way) from the many incomplete approaches that only cover parts of running a business
  • Payment plan available
  • Good support


  • Not a “quick-rich” scheme. You will have to be committed, invest time and take action. 
  • Available only in English 
  • Digital files only
  • You need a phone to call in for the weekly Q&A calls (scripts and replays are available)
  • While the program offers a complete training on how to run your online business it is not focused on brain-retraining. Success Coaching is a part of the program but not in a neuroscientific way. If you have failed before or are not 100 % free of fear you might want to check THIS out as a potential addition to BGS

Final Verdict

I have spent years “selling” Management Consulting and Analytical systems and learning about business tactics. I thought that the program, while interesting, would be boilerplate.

There are so many programs around claiming to teach you how to run a successful online business when all they know how to do is SEO and getting visitors to a site. While visitors are obviously essential for any online business, without a business strategy you will most likely fail.

Entrepreneurs do not fail because they are using the wrong email system or any other subpar tool. Just like a bank does not fail because their CRM does not show your birthday or a restaurant with good food does not fail for having ugly chairs.

They fail because they do not have an overall concept and strategy. They fail because they cannot convert visitors into buyers.

Often they just get lost in the hundreds of different tasks that come with running an online business because they did not implement processes that allow them to prioritize essential tasks.

This program offers a complete system to build, grow and run your business in the most effective and profitable way possible.

It trains you on every aspect of your new (or struggling) business and supports you on your way to the top.

BGS makes sense from A to Z and covers Management as well as Technical and Administrative aspects. I did not find any valid argument against it.

It delivers to the claim.

Where to buy Business Growth System

Several free options are available allowing you to make an educated choice (you can also purchase right away): 
As of today, the price for all of the modules and services is only $2997. A payment plan is available as well, allowing you to get started right away for only $397.  There is no catch. All of the features listed above are included.

While some companies treat you like a king until you buy this company starts showing how much they value you and want you to succeed AFTER you paid. 

As the price is a fraction of the value and also protects your investment of time and money (failure is expensive!) this is a no-brainer to me. 

About Rich Schefren´s and his free BGS Workshop

I was curious to see the broadcast, because Rich Schefren is a bit of a legend in the online industry, having catapulted many failing businesses into success.

Free Webcast with Rich SchefrenIn fact, he has increased revenues by over $148 million for his clients, and has grown a small business into the largest hypnosis center chain in America. Another feather in his cap is the massive $7 million cap business he kicked into rapid growth over a period of 18 months, which is simply unprecedented.

The Workshop met and exceeded my expectations. Rich explained complex business concepts in an easy to understand way, and listed out all the problems that entrepreneurs commonly face, and gave tips to tackle these problems. He made us evaluate our business plans from an outsider’s point of view, and this exercise alone helped us to think clearly and detect the problems in our businesses.

I have one thing to say about the workshop: It was really good, and the tips were invaluable. If you want to know more about entrepreneurship or want to flip the tables and actually see your business grow, don’t miss this webcast by the Turnaround King.

It delivers a great return on your time. 

To sign up for the Workshop just click on the picture.

If you love this program and want to recommend it to your friends or customers click HERE

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