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Healing with the MastersI wanted to post this review for a while. The reason it took so long is of a very positive nature. The program is incredibly comprehensive. 
I have seen free webinars, bonuses, free ebooks as part of other programs. But never have I seen a program that includes this crazy amount of free components.
Obviously, nothing is free in life – it costs your time, the most precious currency. There is enough mediocre and even bad stuff on the market so that it makes sense to look at the value even of a freebie. 
So let´s start at the beginning.

For another week, you can get access to a free movie. The full lengths movie is called “Spontaneous Transformation.” The movie will remain accessible to you infinitive if you register now, just the sign up will be closed.

The claim is that anyone can transform through the film. I am suspicious of programs that receive only raving reviews. I have to say though that I have seen very many reviews I consider legit that report extraordinary benefits through Healing with the Masters.

Jennifer won some of the most reputable healers and you can clearly tell that she is not serving just a sales pitch – she honestly wants to help.

Depending on when you read this, you can watch the movie HERE

The claim of the program is that you can:

  • Transform chronic pain/scary diagnoses
  • Get out of debt
  • Thrive
  • Heal old wounds and hurt
The relation of soul and body (illness) indeed exists, even though I wished the marketing messages would be a bit tamer. 
The movie is of very high quality and an efficient tool to nurture your soul and heal. 

7 Steps to coping and thriving in extreme times

The next gift is a free book. Spontaneous transformation – 7 steps to coping and thriving in extreme times is valued at $ 17. It will be released in April and sent to anyone who claims the free book now. 
Everything I read of Jennifer is top notch so that my only complaint is once more the marketing wording. The book is “free”. But you have to pay $ 10 ($ 17 international) for the shipping. As ten dollar is pretty high for a shipment of a book, it is more like a drastic discount than a free book. 
That is all I can say about the book at this point as it is not released yet. 
Now it gets crazy:

17 Season of Healing Master Sessions

For a full season the schedule for the master series is as follows (we are still talking about the free product!): 
Tuesday – Thursday, 4 pm PST
New interactive master healing session

Fridays, 12 pm PST
LIVE workshops where you can tell your stories and get help to heal your old wounds. 
The replays will be available 48 hours for free members. 
I guess at this point your already (like me) pretty amazed about the components that are just given to you. 
And look who´s coming: (you can click any picture if you want to sign to see the full season schedule):
Spontaneous Transformation Week
Review Jennifer McLean
So that is the whole season that starts on the 15th. 
Already available are the pre-season components. 
1) Ram Dass on Love
2) Wayne Dyer in Memoriam

Healing with the Masters Upgrade

You will probably not be surprised that the upgrade offers high value. Here it is: 
Jennifer McLean Review
Three packs are available. The most basic is only $ 77. The full pack on the picture is $ 2500. 
Just kidding, sorry. But it looks like it, right? No, it´s only $207. 
What you get: 
  • Audio of all 20 workshops (mp3 download)
  • CDs (not download!) of all workshops in HD (shipped at the end of the season)
  • A “personal listening saloon” (marketingish for online access to all recordings)
  • PDF Transcripts of all sessions
  • Oracle Healing Card deck (virtual)
  • Access to all five pre-season workshops
  • The spontaneous transformation movie
  • Awakening healing chants


From painful experience, I have learned that it makes sense to test the support when you review a product. I have tried email, phone, and social media. In all cases, I received fast and competent service. 


Signing up right away for the free season is a no-brainer. Nothing more to be told about this. 
Regarding the upgrade I purchased it and I recommend you do the same. First of all, it´s an incredible value. Secondly, you are worth it. Third of all you will have your tiny investment back in no time. Because these healing masters will help you advance on your path to happiness – whatever happiness means to you. 
So, do yourself a favor and sign up before you get distracted by everyday life. 
Click  HERE

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