Custom 60 Minutes Brain Entrainment Session – Personal Use


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You grab your MP3 player. In the search field, you type your name.

There it is … you unique very own powerful brainwave session. Optimized to support your personal goals.

You click on “play” and let the audio do the work. You smile while you relax and let the sounds take over.

And if you want to use your audio in your projects/videos/products? No problem – grab a commercial license!

All audio comes with music that is optimized for the use with brainwave technology.


Information needed:

  • What do you want to achieve? (Weight-Loss, faster learning, better sleep, focus etc.)
  • Which style of music to your prefer? (Meditative, faster, slow, deep meditation, electro, guitar, world, electro, mystic)
  • What information would you like in your tag? (Name, album, comment – this is optional)

All audio sessions come in “extreme” quality setting, the high-end limit of 320 kbps (regular MP 3 is 128 kbps).

Delivery time: Up to 4 days

Custom brain entrainment with subliminal messages is available too.

Corporate clients – contact me.

I hope you enjoyed your stay! 
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Brainwave Entrainment Series

Educational series (free audio included!) teaches how you can achieve your goals faster by stimulating your brainwaves. 

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