Project Phoenix Emotional Intelligence Training


Multi-component training.

Raise your EQ and gain back control over your mind!

No matter who you are or how confident and successful you may be, everybody has suffered setbacks and failure.

Pain is part of the human experience, and it changes your brain. Trouble is, that these past experiences limit your future success!

Chances are that you have tried to make changes or even transform before. Maybe you did not succeed.

And it is not your fault. 

Emotional Intelligence Training & Optimizing the Default State

 Project Phoenix is the first and only Emotional Intelligence Training that not only helps you to increase your EQ but also supports you in optimize your brain activity in idle phases. 
  • Overcome fear of failure and fear of success that keep you from trying – allows you to pursue your TRUE dreams, goals and desires
  • Raise your Emotional Quotient – allows you to influence others and form and tend better relationships
  • Claim back control over your mind – enables you to make conscious decisions and plan your actions (as opposed to reactions)
  • Eliminate unconscious worries and doubts  – increases your level of self-esteem, self-motivation and feeling of self-worth
  • Achieve mindfulness and self-awareness – and stop subconsciously sabotaging your efforts by reacting to the past and your fears

Project Phoenix is a 2 month Emotional Intelligence and Default Mode Network Training allowing you to

  • Gain deep understanding of your own emotions (self-awareness)
  • Understand the emotions of others (empathy)
  • Gain control over our own actions/reactions 
  • Learn how to influence others and have better relationships
As “side-effects” you will see an increase in your feeling of self-worth, level of self-motivation and self-esteem.

For just $ 297 you will get


  • 30 Day Emotional Intelligence Training
  • Default State of the Brain Training

Plus free Gifts.


Increase your EQ and retrain your brain one exercise per day with this complete Emotional Intelligence Training.

30 Challenges, 1 eBook, 1 Movie . 
Your eBook, movie and Instruction Manual (pdf) will be available for immediate download. 


One exercise (pdf) will be emailed to you for 30 days (starting on the day after your purchase).

On day 31 of Project Phoenix you will receive:


  • Movie “The default state of the brain” 
  • Complete eBook with exercises and information that will allow you to transform and alter your default mode network 

Stimulates brainwave patterns, incorporates over 100 years of brainwave research. Supports growth, relaxation, and more clarity and helps you reach your goal.
6 (!) brain entrainment sessions (over 4 hours), optimized for increasing your EQ. 

Tai Chi is one method used to manage stress. It has a beneficial effect on the health and wellness of regular practitioners. Immediate download.

Ideal for beginners, Tai Chi Poses teaches 24 basic poses that will be beneficial for your well-being and help you achieving your goals of gaining back control over your life. Immediate download.

Mindfulness and decluttering. This eBook helps you to simplify and de-stress your life. Immediate download.

Meditative Movements + Yoga are two other eBooks that can support you on your journey. Immediate download.


I hope you enjoyed your stay! 
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Brainwave Entrainment Series

Educational series (free audio included!) teaches how you can achieve your goals faster by stimulating your brainwaves. 

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